Cancer, a water sign ruled by the Moon. Known for sensitivity and emotion, it’s marked by profound empathy. Protective and family-oriented, Cancer cherishes home life and closeness to loved ones, showing unwavering loyalty.

Cancer Month Energy Kabbalistic Astrology

Energía del mes de Cáncer según La Astrología Kabalista

The month of Cancer, governed by the influence of the Moon, is a period full of emotionality and challenges. During this time, we may feel tilted toward ‘negativity’, but it’s crucial to understand that this isn’t necessarily harmful. Rather, it offers us opportunities for our personal transformation. By changing our perspective and embracing the light encapsulated in apparent ‘negativity, ‘we can open a channel of love and spiritual growth during this month.

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Mars in Cancer

Marte en Cáncer / Mars in Cancer

War and confrontation in a tense world? Mars’ passage through the constellation of Cancer has generated concern in the midst of a time of great global tension. In this post we will tell you how Mars’ transit through Cancer can affect emotional stability and community safety.

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