The Solstice: Between Cancer and Fire

The Solstice: Between Cancer and Fire,

As the sun begins its journey through Cancer, the summer solstice beckons us to a mystical dance between water and fire. The emotionality of Cancer and the vigor of Leo intertwine in a ballet that has the potential to stir our subconscious and ignite our spirit with passion and courage.

Amidst Astral Ebullience and Subconscious Renewal

The Summer Solstice Ignites the Dance of Cancer

A surge of energy sweeps through the heavens and everything indicates that our behavior is about to set sail on effusive, heated waters. On a day like today, the majestic Sun commences its voyage through the sign of Cancer, opening a celestial window where the waters set the pace.

But astonishingly, fire joins the dance. The Moon, the guardian of emotions and ruler of Cancer, is in the vigorous domain of Leo, accompanied by Venus, the muse of feelings and Mars, the warrior of impulses.

Imagine a cauldron of boiling water; that is how effervescent and dynamic this summer solstice is predicted to be. Emotionality manifests with passion and spontaneity. What does all this mean in everyday terms?

We find ourselves amidst a sublime fusion of the emotional, affectionate and impulsive, framed in the powerful sensitivity of Cancer and the fiery energy of Leo. Like in a mystical dance, Cancer’s water and Leo’s fire intertwine their destinies and with them, our own.

Unleashing the Inner Magician

The Power of Water and Fire Signs in your Subconscious

In astrological wisdom, water symbolizes emotionality, sensitivity, intuition and in this phase, all these traits are at their zenith. Combine this with the fieriness and intensity of fire and we have a formula for a transformative human experience.

Water signs are often described as ‘karmic’ signs”. They invite us to embark on an inward journey, facing and overcoming obstacles from our past that hinder our growth.

Delving into esoteric mysteries, water also represents the subconscious—the magical reservoir of our mind capable of materializing our thoughts. The subconscious is the hidden magician, guided by the dictates of our consciousness.

During this period, when aquatic energy is palpable, our subconscious strengthens. It is a critical moment to be mindful of our emotions and thoughts, ensuring they are constructive and positive.

The presence of fire adds an additional dimension by facilitating the expression of what lies in our subconscious. However, we must exercise caution and channel these energies wisely, acting with full awareness.

Solstice and Spirituality

The Sacred Bond between Saint John the Baptist and the Sign of Cancer

Historically, the summer solstice is linked to Saint John the Baptist. What ties these two events together?

Baptism involves pouring water over the head and is a symbolic purification ritual. For ancient scholars, water symbolized the simple matter of the universe. The subconscious, influenced by the Moon and ruled by Cancer, is the cauldron where our hopes and dreams are mixed.

The sign of Cancer is symbolized by the crab, a creature that conceals soft, delicate skin beneath its shell. Like a crab, Cancer proceeds cautiously, scrutinizing and enveloping its goals before acting decisively.

In this phase, we have the opportunity to channel the intensity of water and fire for spiritual and emotional awakening. The internal tides, stirred by the Moon, can elevate us to heights of enlightenment if we are capable of exercising self-control and reflection.

So, as the sun shines brightly on the sign of Cancer, may our souls navigate with courage and wisdom through the exhilarating currents of this summer solstice.

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