The Connection between Astrology and Ancient Christian Religion

The Connection between Astrology and Ancient Christian Religion,

Explores the connection between astrology and the ancient Christian religion through the analysis of a painting in the National Museum of Moscow that shows fusion of the two themes. It describes the presence of angels and their relationship with the stars as well as their role as intermediaries between God and man.

Discovering the connection between astrology and ancient Christian religion at the National Museum of Moscow

During my travels, I am in the habit of exploring places of interest such as landmarks and fascinating museums in search of astrological vestiges that can enrich my work. On this occasion, during my visit to the Moscow National Museum, I have discovered a phenomenal and extraordinary vestige that is of utmost relevance to my research.

We will see the full integration of astrology in the ancient Christian religion through the language of art, a universal form of expression that does not require translations or numerous interpreters.

Art was a fundamental tool in the communication of the ancient Orthodox Christians, who mastered this language with skill.

In the National Museum in Moscow, among a large number of ancient religious-themed paintings, I have found a work that evidences the fusion of astrology and the ancient Christian religion, thus clarifying the connection between angels and astrological influences.

According to the religious perspective, God never communicates directly with human beings, but always through his angels, who act as intermediaries between God and humanity.

What are angels really? do they have gender? where do they live?

While the answers to these questions may vary there is one aspect on which all experts agree: angels dwell in heaven which is why they are depicted with wings.

For some, there is no doubt that God exists and those who question His existence do so at their own peril. Despite the various representations that have been made of God, whether as a crucified being, an abstract figure, or a stout man under a fig tree, the fact is that God is present and his angels are his messengers.

Even if one does not have faith it is possible to confirm this belief through the study of true astrology which requires only an analytical mind.

Angels are a figure present in all cultures, whether in China, Persia or the temple of Ek Balam. In the Catholic religion for example, it is common to find representations of these beings in the form of small children’s heads with wings.

However, it is in ancient Christianity that they can be seen in full body and with clear identification. Looking closely at this part of the painting the presence of angels is obvious and there are no words to describe them.

The Connection between Astrology and Ancient Christian Religion,

Three angels can be seen descending with their messages in the lower part of this fragment. Angels play an essential role in the transmission of divine messages in their role as messengers of God.

In the middle part of the painting you can see the angels moving around some spheres. What are these spheres doing? There are also stars and images of the sun and moon on them.

There is even a bull in the upper right. All these elements seem to indicate a connection between the angels and the stars a relationship that can be explained by astrology.

The Relationship Between Astrology and Angels in a Work of Art: A Connection to Explore

Indeed, everything seems to indicate that the spheres seen in the middle section of the painting correspond to the astrological spheres with the eighth sphere at the top, where the bull and other zodiacal symbols are represented.

These elements suggest that there is a connection between astrology and the representation of angels in the painting a theme that deserves to be explored in detail.

The relationship between angels, planets and the signs of the zodiac is undoubted. Although modern angeology has moved away from reality, angels are actually the astrological influences.

We even know the sex, color and name of the angels, as well as where they dwell and when they bring their messages. If you will, it can be seen as reading the messages of God’s angels. And that is precisely what astrologers do interpret divine messages as well as demonic ones.

With information from Tito Maciá Astrologer

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