Full Moon in Aries

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The Aries Full Moon on October 9 comes to bring healing. However, this healing does not come in a neat box; rather, it comes through getting to the point where there is nothing left to do but surrender.

Aries Full Moon October 2022 — Intuitive Astrology

It s the hectic, explosive energy surrounding this Full Moon that has brought me to this place of surrender.

This is the kind of energy that can push us to the limits of our capabilities. It has the potential to push us to the point where we are unable to continue as we are.

Although this point is difficult, there is healing magic in surrender, most of which comes from the asteroid Chiron, which cooperates with this Full Moon.


When Chiron and the lunar energy of Aries are together, healing is predicted – but not by trying to fix, control or force – but by surrender. When we submit, we open ourselves to the possibilities that acceptance, letting go and forgiveness can bring.

Because of his ability to tap into the strength, knowledge and skills that can arise from his wounds, Chiron is known as the wounded healer.

Chiron does not wish to “heal” his wounds

You have come to terms with the fact that some wounds are too deep to heal.

You are aware that some wounds could have been predicted by the stars. Instead, he has turned to those wounds as fuel for his awakening.

Thanks to Chiron we know that, despite having wounds, being broken, grieving, unhappy, lonely, depressed or sick, or having been repeatedly wounded, we can live a beautiful life.

In addition, Chiron encourages us to see our wounds as hidden doorways that can lead us to greater insight, better intuition, greater wisdom and even the ability to help heal and guide others.

Chiron in Aries

During the October Full Moon, Chiron will be in Aries and retrograde, which will increase the fiery energy we may feel and perhaps bring up issues from the past that need to be handled.

Even if we feel we have reached our breaking point, if we continue to move forward, that cutoff point may motivate us to move on, forgive or let go altogether and this in itself may result in some form of healing or resolution.

We must direct strong, fiery energy like this toward movement whenever it arises. Moving is what we must do; we cannot simply stay where we are.

This demand for movement may look like a desire to dance, exercise, or go for a run. It can also appear as the need to move in any direction to change or advance something in our own life.

And this action is literal and intentional to change the energy in your life; it is not a metaphor. Any step counts, it doesn’t have to be big!


It s quite possible that we will observe a lot of this hot healing energy ignited by our interactions with people because Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is also quite active during this Full Moon.

All of this could come to the surface during the October Full Moon if we have been hiding who we are in any of our relationships, if we have struggled to set boundaries, or if we have been unable to express our genuine selves.

Essentially, all the interactions that have been pulling you away from the real you instead of bringing you closer to it will be revisited.

It s crucial to remember that this Full Moon is the last one before the Eclipse Season begins, whatever happens under it.

This suggests that you might have to wait until next month’s Full Moon Eclipse to find out how something turns out if it feels unresolved or starts to fall apart.

And finally, a grand trine is caused by the Sun, Saturn and Mars, lying beneath this Full Moon. This energetic formation can make you feel at peace. Imagine it as the Universe sending rain to put out any fires that have gotten out of control.

There is enough calming, healing and sweet energy present during this Aries Full Moon to soothe, soothe and serve as a reminder that life is meant to be both beautiful and messy.

With information from Tanaaz for foreverconscious.com