Where to find love according to the stars

Where to find love according to the stars, InfoMistico.com

Depending on your astrological sign, there are several places where singles may be more likely to find love. Our reactions can be greatly influenced by our immediate environment. Good luck and let us know if they work for you.

Astrological predictions on where to find love


The Aries boss is prone to pair up with a subordinate and this sign often finds their “better half” at work.

Also, gyms or where sporting events are held can be excellent spots for Aries to meet someone. If you’re Aries, San Francisco may be a destination you want to travel to or a place you want to call home.


Taurus may find a partner where business or commercial transactions are conducted or in the same workplace.

Moreover, in upscale pubs or restaurants. Japan is a fantastic vacation spot and, incidentally, a good place to find love due to the position of the Sun in Taurus. Los Angeles and New York are cities that benefit Taureans in many aspects, including the sentimental, without being so far away.


In this situation, social events, dance clubs and the Internet are the best places to look for a mate.

Because of their inherent curiosity and willingness to take risks, Geminians can use this strategy to meet potential spouses. With the Sun in Gemini, a trip through London, England, where communications and education are important, could lead to love.


The Cancerian often enlists the help of family events such as weddings, birthday parties, quinceañeras, etc., when looking for a mate.

The Sun is in Cancer in the United States, but this sign prefers Spain, where the Moon is located, as it satisfies Cancer’s emotional desire for close ties to home and family and a strong sense of tradition.


The Leo may meet his or her future spouse at restaurants, concerts, or even at his or her place of work.

When in groups, the magnetic nature of the young man of this sign tends to draw people in. Since Peru has the Sun in Leo, a trip to the magnificent Machu Picchu can be a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for this fire sign.


This person may find love in study halls, at art exhibits, or in business partnerships where he or she provides a service.

Many Virginians find love in the areas they travel to for service. The Sun is in Virgo in Washington, DC, making it a potential getaway spot for Virgo sign people.


The places where Libra could meet his or her longed-for “better half” are colleges and universities, where Libra excels.

Workplaces where Libra’s reputation tends to be extremely excellent, or meetings with few attendees. The Sun is in Libra, in France and Paris, the exquisite and seductive capital of the country, could be the ideal place for this sign to meet the love of his life.


For those born under this sign, beaches, swimming pools and other places with water are usually the best spots to discover love.

Also, if you are a Scorpio and are thinking of traveling, Spain and Austria may be suitable choices because both countries have the Sun in the sign of Scorpio.


You could have the opportunity to meet your “better half” if you practice outdoor hobbies such as horseback riding, cycling, or hiking.

Therefore, Sagittarians are often more likely to find love when hiking or participating in activities with other outdoor enthusiasts. Toronto can be an excellent place to visit, as the Sun is in Sagittarius there.


In general, Capricorns are more likely to find love in their professional lives, either directly or indirectly.

The Sun is in Capricorn, in the nation of Italy. Capricorns may find love while vacationing in this city that is brimming with heritage and antiquity.


Aquarians often find love during conferences, neighborhood or union meetings, parent meetings at schools, or intellectual gatherings.

If you’re looking for that special someone to make you forget bachelorhood, consider a vacation in Mexico or Manhattan, New York, which has the Sun in Aquarius.


Pisceans are more likely to discover love in places where religious, artistic, or charitable activities are practiced.

These could be places of worship, music studios, writing seminars, or theaters. Venice is a charming and artistic city and love may be waiting there with the Sun in Pisces. It has also been discovered by numerous Pisceans in India.

Information from astrologer Alicia Morandi is an astrologer, licensed counselor and journalist.