Lucky lottery numbers according to zodiacs

Lucky lottery numbers according to zodiacs,

Learn which lucky lottery numbers the zodiac signs use most often and how likely they are to win each time they are played.

What lucky numbers are most played according to the zodiac?

Many people who turn to astrology for cosmic inspiration to become millionaires believe that the lucky numbers of the zodiac signs hold the key to open the doors of fortune and win the lottery.

The numbers that, according to astrologers, give power to each sign and can therefore be useful to them in gambling, are available in various online resources. The stars, however, are just one of the many sources of inspiration for lottery fans.

How accurate are the lucky numbers for each zodiac sign is the million-dollar question. We can learn a lot about lottery website studies by looking at their research.

Does your zodiac sign play the numbers the most?

According to data from Lotoland, a website where you can bet on numerous lotteries around the world, people most often play the following numbers according to their zodiac sign:

  • Aries: 7, 14 and 4
  • Taurus: 5, 7 and 17
  • Gemini: 6, 19 and 17
  • Cancer: 7, 17 and 19
  • Leo: 8, 7 and 17
  • Virgo: 7, 17 and 19
  • Libra: 7, 10 and 9
  • Scorpio: 7, 11 and 19
  • Sagittarius: 7, 12 and 11
  • Capricorn: 12, 17 and 7
  • Aquarius: 7, 17 and 27
  • Pisces: 7, 17 and 3

The number 7, which they all selected on their lottery tickets, is the common factor in all signs. Because fortune is associated with it, it is one of the most cabalistic numbers.

The reason 17 is the second most popular number is probably because it combines the two popular numbers 1 and 7.

How accurate are these numbers for your astrological sign?

The percentages of the signs that have won the most prizes on the study platform have also been released. It is possible to determine how much luck they receive from these numbers if we establish a correlation between the numbers they select most often and the occasions on which they have won.

Leo (8.7%), Aries (8.67%) and Capricorn (8.63%) are the zodiac signs that win most often, indicating that the numbers they choose do bring them somewhat more fortune.

However, much of this is because these 3 signs also tend to bet more, according to the statistics. However, despite being frequent winners, they do not receive the biggest prize.

The zodiac signs Aquarius (16.93%) and Gemini (15.28%) have won the most jackpots, making them millionaires if their chosen numbers come up.

According to lottery experts, the chances of winning a jackpot are 1 in 302.5 million, so the luck your zodiac sign has through the numbers it selects the most may be relative, although it may get you a little closer to being the lucky one.

After all, the stars may align in your favor on the day of the draw.

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