Full Moon in Gemini

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The last Full Moon of 2022 has arrived. On December 7 and 8, a Full Moon falling in the twin sign of Gemini carries a warm and charged energy.

Full Moon in Gemini — December 2022

It may act as a trigger, rekindling, or awakening tender points that were stirred up at the time of the Blood Moon Eclipse, although it may not be as intense as that one.

Geminis symbols are the twins, one of which is mortal and the other immortal. The twins represent the two halves of who we are. We are both souls and humans. One part of each of us will pass away, while another part will live forever.

Gemini Full Moon

The Gemini Full Moon encourages us to find a balance between this union of our human and spiritual selves.

During the Full Moon, we will have to respect and be patient with our human side. Just human, that’s all. It is acceptable for us to experience emotions, make mistakes and occasionally lose our way.

However, we will also have to strive to respect and honor our spiritual side. This site is aware that there are no mistakes, no regrets and no wrong turns. We know that everything is an educational experience and that love is the only thing that exists.

Human and spiritual sides

Our human and spiritual sides do not always cooperate and it is difficult for them to understand each other’s points of view. Food and shelter are necessities for our human selves. Our soul self must follow what makes us happy.

For our human selves, we seek security and recovery. Our soul selves understand that everything is ephemeral and that we are already complete. It can be challenging to find the balance between these two understandings, but we have the opportunity to do so during this Full Moon.

Try to honor your human side and your soul side no matter what is on the horizon for you during this Full Moon.

Establish a connection with each of these aspects of yourself as you would a relationship with an old friend. Respect them, pay attention to what they have to say and balance will emerge naturally.


The Full Moon is surrounded by a very hot and charged energy, largely as a result of Mars’ conjunction with the Moon. Mars’ energy is amplified by its retrograde motion at this time.

Mars is the planet of drive, initiative and vitality. When retrograde, we may feel compelled to reflect on our intentions and choices, as well as what we are choosing to focus our energy on.

Since energy is a limited resource, this Full Moon will also be able to make clear what deserves our attention and what needs to be set aside.

It is a good time to declare the thought patterns, relationships, behaviors, or beliefs that are draining our energy and release them to the wind.

The presence of Mars can make us feel heated or charged. Keeping our emotions in check can be a challenge, but there are times when it’s okay to express your anger, take sides and let your guard down.

Although there are deliberate ways to do this, sometimes life circumstances overtake us and prevent us from doing so.

It’s okay

We are what we are because of this. We don’t have to constantly radiate love and light. The most natural thing for us to do is to embrace our feelings, even though we think they are ego-driven. From time to time we have to permit ourselves to be who we are: human.

Many of us feel embarrassed when we get angry or when we express our anger. No one likes to feel angry, nor does anyone like to be the target of it.

However, although anger can occasionally be harmful, it is also a normal and healthy human emotion. Often, all our anger needs is an outlet to release it. This will make it easier for us to refocus and determine our next course of action.

The fiery, heated energy of this Full Moon could make us say something we later wish we hadn’t or stir up our emotions in a way that makes us feel a little embarrassed.

In any case, be kind to yourself. If you need to apologize, don’t feel too proud to do so, but if what you said was really how you felt, stand by it.

Respecting your boundaries, your identity and your principles take courage

The more we practice doing it consciously and constructively, the better our ability to express our anger and other strong emotions will be. We must keep trying because it takes practice.

Another planet that is visible during this Full Moon is Neptune. As the planet of intuition, Neptune, we could find ourselves with confirmation of something we have been feeling intuitively for a while.

Under this Full Moon, trust your instincts; if you need confirmation, the universe will send it to you.

Overall, the astrology of the December 2022 Full Moon shows that it is acceptable for us to experience our feelings and test the limits we have set for ourselves.

We must continue to strive, adapt and challenge ourselves to continue our mission. Our goal as humans is to live as long as we can, stay healthy and experience stability and security.

Our soul’s purpose is to go through all the emotions of the rainbow: love, loss, adaptation, growth and transformation.

Life is a balancing act between the two, but this Full Moon provides a link that can help us find balance and nurture both sides of our Earth School experience.

With information from Tanaaz for foreverconscious.com

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