Halloween characters that best describe you

Halloween characters that best describe you, InfoMistico.com

Astrology can reveal which well-known Halloween character most closely resembles the personality of your zodiac sign. Would you resemble the Annabelle doll or Chucky? Here we explain.

Which Halloween character best describes you according to astrology?

A spooky version of every sign that might resemble a well-known Halloween character emerges during the witching season when zodiac signs are encouraged to express their darker, more macabre side.

No doubt it is due to the mystical power of the stars if every year, come trick-or-treat season, you identify more with a Freddy Krueger or possibly Annabelle, the creepiest doll in War.

Astrology has come up with a creepy, but fun, way to sum up your personality. Below we identify your zodiac sign’s Halloween character.


The possessed doll Chucky is what an Aries would be. Both behave according to their own set of rules and have impetuous and passionate dispositions, which explains why.


A renowned expert in macabre games Jigsaw represents Taurus, a sign known for its tendency to be ambitious, cautious and, above all, persistent. As a result, they are often successful in achieving their goals, just like SAW.


The hated Lord Voldemort, who rages for power and excels in cunning, shares characteristics with the sign of Gemini. When darkness takes over this sign, ruled by Mercury, he becomes incredibly cunning and uses this quality to his advantage.


Freddy Krueger, the villain who terrorizes us in our nightmares, is the ideal representative of Cancer. This sign has an active imagination that tricks him from time to time.


For his part, the funny character of Beetlejuice is Leo. He will participate in the spookiest and funniest Halloween events just by saying his name. Leo is a person who is always looking for a thrill, even if he has to hurt other people.


The Virgo personality is represented by the malevolent Annabelle doll. She can scare people with a nod of her head and while plotting her next move, the sign doesn’t stop blinking for a second.


The Libra figure is based on the haunting Mike Mayers from the Halloween series. He intimidates others just by being near him because of how physically intimidating he is.


In Halloween, the Scorpio character, a sign that appears strong, powerful and threatening on the outside, but is incredibly sensitive on the inside, is Maleficent.


The Halloween personification of the sign of Sagittarius, which can be harmful when it doesn’t know how to quit, is the Nun or the demon Ballack from “The Conjuring” series.


The Joker is the Halloween personification of Capricorn, simply because your darker self strives to wreak havoc for no apparent reason to prove that no one is a hero in real life.


Pennywise is the Aquarius Halloween character because he excels at fusing sarcasm with empathy. This sign enjoys bullying people in their ugliest form.


For Pisces, a sign whose brilliance can rub others the wrong way and who, because of their propensity for daydreaming, can lose their ground and look down on others as inferior, the great Cruella de Vil is the Halloween character.

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