Horoscopes Month Pisces

Horoscopes Month Pisces, InfoMistico.com

The Season of Pisces 2023 runs from February 18 to the Equinox on March 20, marking the beginning of the new astrological year. Pisces represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions symbolizes both light and darkness and reminds us of the importance of both in our lives.

Pisces Horoscopes Season February-March 2023

As the last sign of the zodiac, the Sun moving into Pisces brings with it a sense of closure and endings, inviting us to tie up loose ends and prepare for the new.

It also features the fundamental shift of Saturn from Aquarius to Pisces, where it will remain until February 2026. This movement of Saturn in the zodiac indicates the karmic lessons we are experiencing on both a collective and personal level.

On a global level, Saturn in Pisces brings about changes in religion, spirituality and creative industries. On a personal level, it encourages us to develop a deeper connection with our spirituality and materialize our ideas and creations.

Sign Aries

At this time, Jupiter continues to be the planet of luck, abundance and fortune for astrologers. It is in your sign until May, bringing with it the possibility of manifesting all the good it can bring.

Jupiter magnifies those things you need to change, so take note of what needs your attention while under its influence. The energy of Mars, your ruling planet and the planet of action will help you take action on March 17.

The Pisces New Moon on February 19 will bring introspection, while the Virgo Full Moon on March 7 will help give stability and structure to what came up.

On March 8, Saturn enters Pisces, bringing to the surface unresolved issues that need your attention. This is an opportunity to strengthen your spiritual connection and deepen your intuitive wisdom.

Sign Taurus

You are offered an opportunity to focus on what is truly important to you, as Uranus, the planet of change, is traversing your sign. Expect change or upheaval, which will lead you to pay attention to who you spend time with and how you feel while around certain people.

The Pisces New Moon brings a gentle, healing energy that will help you clarify what’s important to you. The Sun will align with the royal star Fomalhaut between February 20 and 22, opening a powerful doorway of healing energy.

Finally, with the Virgo Full Moon on March 7, it will remind you to focus on social connection, which has been identified as one of the most fundamental factors for happiness.

This season is an ideal time for you to focus on your dreams and goals, as well as the relationships and groups you wish to cultivate in your life.

Sign Gemini

These past few months, the planet Mars has been feeling your corner of the zodiac. It will change on March 26 when Mars leaves the territory after its long stay in retrograde form.

Your life will feel an explosion of masculine energy, joy and motivation. This energy that goes beyond gender will give you the impetus to move and act on what you want to achieve.

This influence of Mars in your sign has also helped you to better balance your masculine energy. The New Moon in Pisces on February 19 is ideal for focusing your energies on your professional goals, while the Full Moon on March 7 will encourage you to focus your attention on your home and family.

On March 8 the planet Saturn enters Pisces and for the next two and a half years, it will give you the strength to build your creative ideas.

Finally, from February 20-23, a stellar portal will open when the Sun aligns with Fomalhaut one of the four celestial guardians. This healing energy will help you gain the balance and calm you need.

Sign Cancer

With the arrival of the Sun in Pisces on February 19, the New Moon will arrive. It will bring with it inspiration to travel or learn something new. If you feel like going back to school or taking a short course, the energy of the New Moon will be a great help in being able to broaden your mind and awareness.

On March 8, when Saturn enters Pisces and will stay there for the next two and a half years, you will have a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge.

March 7 with the Full Moon in Virgo will bring a calming and nurturing energy for you to connect with your feelings. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it and let go of perfection.

From February 20-22 there will be a star gate activated when the Sun aligns with the royal star, Fomalhaut, you will receive powerful healing. Therefore, this Pisces period will be a great opportunity to expand your mind, learn new things and discover the wisdom that lives within us.

Sign Leo

A deep and reflective Pisces New Moon energy will make its way into your life beginning February 19. It’s a time for you to look inward and connect with your deepest truths. You may face some painful truths in doing this, but you will find yourself in a better position in the end.

March 8, with Saturn in this sign, will provide you with a little hint of what’s in store for you over the next 2 1/2 years. The Virgo Full Moon on March 7 offers you opportunities for financial prosperity. If there is someone who owes you money, this will be the opportunity for you to get paid.

This Moon is also filled with abundant energy, so stay open so the universe can bring good things into your life. From February 20-22, the Sun’s alignment with Fomalhaut will open a powerful healing portal.

This is the ideal time for you to allow yourself to peel back the layers, come to a deeper truth about your self and seek the truth without fear…