Nephritic Colic Biodescodification

Nephritic Colic Biodescodification,

Nephritic colic is part of the territorial marking stage of the fourth embryonic stage. It is a sudden and intense pain that is usually produced by a stone in the duct that connects the kidneys with the urinary tract, near the urethra.

Nephritic Colic according to Biodescodification — Emotional Conflicts

  • Conflict: fluids plus lifting of a wall or other barrier.

The flow of urine is obstructed by a stone.

Example: I built a gate for the parking lot, but when the workmen arrived, I realized that it would cost three times more than budgeted and I could not afford it (due to the amount of time and money per hour it required).

I debated whether or not to suspend the work, but the following week I formed a kidney stone.


The trigone is a portion of the bladder that corresponds to this early stage. It is the region where the two ureters and the urethral outlet meet.

The complaint in this area is that “I will not be able to eradicate something dirty in a territory marking context (4th level)”. Because of the activity of the rest of the Fourth Stage organ, we get in touch with the territory.

In addition, “There is something dirty that prohibits me from marking territory.”

Women going through menopause may experience edema and fluid retention because they often question their validity. (It is important to discuss with her the positive aspects of menopause. She will need to integrate them and overcome the social stigmas that diminish her value.

Infant colic

Possible reason: blockage of the joy ducts. Fear of embracing happiness.
New thought pattern: I choose to embrace life. My joy flows freely. I can accept it without risk.


Colic is caused by pollutants we consume through food and water. Whenever possible, eat fresh fruits, salads and vegetables. Both intestinal health and diet are crucial.

Eliminating junk food should be a top priority. It will be very beneficial to drink plenty of water every day, ideally warm.

Blue is a calming color.


The colon and digestive organs, including the liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas and, in general, all the glands, the palms of the hands and the entire foot, excluding the fingers, will be worked on.

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