The best kept secret is Lucifer

The best kept secret is Lucifer,

A ray of light broke the darkness when there was nothing when there was no sky, no stars, no universe and the absolute slept in the endless nothingness. The world went up in flames when a raging fire was born.

Lucifer, the best-kept secret

That primordial fire was given the name Lucifer, which means “he who brings light” or “he who carries light.”

Lucifer was the first manifestation of God to emerge from his slumber. He was the first angel to ignite the initial spark that illuminated the cosmos. The first angel and cherub to be made was Luzbel and also the most powerful.

Only God had more power and wisdom than him.

Lucifer Morning Star

More than any other angel, he emanated clarity and was exceptionally beautiful. At the birth of the cosmos, Lucifer was the most magnificently beautiful being and the first angel to awaken Creation. This angel was unlike any other creature in the universe in terms of beauty.

Beauty and grandeur possessed by the first angel of the morning were not shared by any of the angels that were made after him. The first-morning star, known as the morning star, was named after him because he was responsible for lighting the first lights of the universe.

Many people know that altars in Cadiz and elsewhere have hosted black masses since time immemorial. When we dig into Cadiz’s colorful past, we discover a story that has never been talked about but is believed to involve magic and demons.


Demons can change shape at will, although most of the time they appear to humans as ugly creatures with human and animal body parts, giving them the appearance of monsters.

Visit one of the buildings or cathedrals built by the Knights Templar if you want to see what demons look like. In the ancient book of lamentations known as The Goetia, the supposedly demonic demons are represented by so-called gargoyles.

Phoenicians, who studied in Fallujah, Basra and Baghdad and brought with them the same enigmatic teachings of the schools that had spread to Egypt, where the royal pharaohs used them on dark mirrors to contact spirits (demons) and soon after the Greeks, brought the documented magic to the ancient Andalusian lands.

Other beings are the Annunaki

Later, in Cadiz, the same Babylonian magic was combined with indigenous magic to create powerful inherited temples that gained immense respect and recognition throughout the Mediterranean region.

From the beginning, a quartz circle has been drawn on the ground; this circle served as an extension of the magician’s aura and a visible sign for the spirit that had been called:

“This is my territory; this is my aura and this circle protects me from you.”

The man of wisdom has used quartz as a tool of power since the beginning of time, not affected as many archaeologists would have you believe.

72 demons

Those names of the spirits or demons guarding the four cardinal points of the universe were written around the circle by the Babylonian mystics, who also invoked one or all of the 72 demons of the hierarchy of hell.

When they formed an imaginary pentagram in the air, they would thrust it with the Magic Sword (Athame), defeating any unwanted demons at that very instant.

Much later, with the rise of medieval Christianity in the 10th century, the image of the magician or man of wisdom wielding the sword and subduing the demon was replaced by the archangel, St. Michael.

As a privileged minority of supremacy, something that amused the populace became the sole repository of ancient knowledge and the stewardship of demons for their benefit, taking away its benefits from mankind while ruling it through ignorance, horror and worry.

The magic of King Solomon

King Solomon’s magic was first introduced to Europe by the Knights Templar, followed by the rabbis and the Arabs who spread his magic treatises (Grimonios) and incunabula. Kings have used magic and its treatises, such as Elizabeth I of England, who employed the Luciferian magician John Dee in her service.

Henri Cornélius Agrippa, an occultist, used to be the magician of choice in the royal courts of Europe. He destroyed the supposed Invincible Armada of Philip II, one of the greatest achievements of applied Luciferian sorcery.

The Psalms

Psalms recited by the magicians who composed the magical grimoires are the same as the psalms of Freemasonry.

These psalms are essential for the practice of the invocation of ghosts and demons.

It should be mentioned that the incunabulum grimoire of the magician Introductorium in astronomical Albumasaris Albalachi: octo continens libros partiales is preserved in the library of the Royal Observatory of the Navy of San Fernando (Albumasar).

The Freemasons

Originally the first Freemasons and Illuminati (power organizations), which were significant in 1800, arose in Cadiz in the late 1700s.

Freemasons of the 33rd degree (and higher) of the international lodges, as well as members of the Bohemian Club and the Skull & Bones Club, are required to make ritual visits to the outskirts of the province (Baelo Claudia) and the center of the city of Cadiz (La Santa Cueva), paying mental homage to Luzbel, the Morning Star, who bestows so many benefits on them.

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