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Tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendon which joins the muscle to the bone. What causes tendinitis according to Biodescodification are conflicts of affective devaluation in the present because of a movement.

Tendinitis according to Biodescodification — Emotional conflicts

  • I am going to arrive or not
  • I am performing well or not
  • I can or I can’t
  • I don’t know if I will be able to…

The devaluation conflict also implies an accumulation of repressed anger, which is not expressed. The function of the tendons is to attach the muscle to the bone so that movement can occur. Tendinitis appears in the resolution phase of the lived conflict.

Inflammations are called hot (fire) diseases and indicate that the conflict has been eliminated or resolved and now our body is in the recovery phase.

In cases of chronic tendinitis, it is because the person, even knowing what hurts, does not let go and continues to devalue himself. A practical case would be to continue in a job, without changing my perception and continue to devalue myself.

Causes of tendinitis in Biodescodification

There are many types of tendinitis, in the elbow, the knee, the heel, in the shoulder. Depending on the place of the body where the tendinitis occurs, it is given one meaning or another.

Likewise, if we are right-handed people and the tendinitis appears on the right side of the body it is related to the father and if it appears on the left side it is related to the mother (real or symbolic).

Tendinitis in the Elbow

Is necessary to know that the elbow symbolizes our professional activity, therefore, the tendinitis in the elbow originated from a conflict of devaluation in the present work.

  • I am forced to do something I don’t want to do.
  • Whatever I do, I won’t get it done.

Tendinitis in the shoulder

Therefore, tendinitis in the shoulder is related when I devalue myself in some sporting matter (strength).

Besides, it is also related to having too many responsibilities, wanting to protect someone and not being able to and also not feeling supported or accompanied by someone.

Tendonitis of the heel — Achilles tendon

The Achilles tendon connects the knee with the ankle, it symbolizes the beginning of an action and it allows us to have the impulse of the foot when walking even when jumping. It originates when I devalue myself because I don’t feel supported to…or I cannot continue something, I feel incapable of…

I devalue myself in the momentum of something in the present (project, work, relationship…).

  • I don’t dare to take the leap
  • I do not feel capable of making the change
  • I am afraid to leave my parents’ house
  • I want to do it, but I feel incapable

Tendinitis in the wrist

The hands or wrist are related to “doing”. We have a devaluing conflict with something we do, want to do, or are doing and don’t want to do it. We don’t go through with it.

It may seem to us that someone does not lend us a hand… and we experience it as a disappointment lived in solitude, without a solution and not expressed.

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