Bursitis Biodescodification

Bursitis Biodescodification, InfoMistico.com

Bursitis is the inflammation of the bursa is a structure in the form of a bag that is located between bones, tendons and muscles, with a facilitating function of the movement of these structures with each other.

Bursitis according to Biodescodification – Emotional Conflicts

Each joint is different, so we must add the significance of the joint in which this inflammation is found.

Louise L. Hay says

  • Probable cause: repressed anger. Desire to hit someone.
  • New mental model: love relaxes and releases everything that does not resemble it.

Physical blockage of bursitis

This disease is an inflammation of the membranous bags of the joints.

Frequently it is localized in the elbows or the back. It manifests itself by a well-demarcated swelling of a rather painful elastic consistency, covered by red and hot skin.

Bursitis emotional blockage

Bursitis is usually suffered by a person who wants to hit someone but represses his anger. It most often affects the perfectionist who does not give himself the right to be angry. Anger then accumulates in the affected joint.

For a person who wants to hit someone to whom he feels too responsible, bursitis will be located mainly in the back. If instead, it has to do more with something like a sport, it will be located in the elbow.

This is the person who experiences anger when he hits a ball, whether it be golf, tennis, etc. In addition, he feels resentful about something and finds it hard to accept himself as he is.

Bursitis mental block

When your body suffers from bursitis, the time has come to realize that you do not need to endure a situation to the extreme of making yourself suffer like this.

This does not mean that you beat someone, but rather that you assert yourself and express what you want. In any case, all you have to do is express your demands.

Who knows, maybe it will even please others!


Let’s review our excessive perfectionism, our anger, the repression of anger and not pretending that others are as we would like them to be. Each person is different and we must respect the moment in which each one is.

What you do not like in others you can work on yourself. It is more effective to change the way you see others than to change just one person.

A hug,

Article translated and adapted by InfoMistico.com from its original author Monsalud Luque