Shoulder Pain Biodescodification

Shoulder Pain Biodescodification,

My shoulders are a symbol of my carrying capacity. My joys, my sorrows, my duties and my insecurities are carried on my shoulders. I am not immune to carrying a burden like everyone else.

Shoulder Pain Biodescodification — Emotional Conflicts

If I take on the burden of being responsible for the happiness and well-being of others, my shoulders start to ache.

I feel that I have “too many things to do” and that I will never be able to finish them all. I may also feel unable to act because of opposing views or because they are unwilling to help and support me in my efforts.

Similarly, my shoulders hurt when I have serious financial (right shoulder) or emotional (left shoulder) insecurities, or when I feel overburdened by the weight of my emotional and material obligations.

I fear tomorrow so much that I forget to enjoy today

My struggles, my obligations to create, perform and perfect, all of these things have the potential to “destroy” me.

Throwing my shoulders back and emphasizing my chest may help me convince myself that I can handle the circumstances regardless, but in reality, my back is weak and deformed by fear.

  • My core functions will be even more affected if the injured shoulder component affects my bones (fractures, breaks).
  • If it has muscles, it will be more relevant to my feelings and thoughts.

Circulate the vitality of my heart

As my shoulders signify activity and movement, from conception to matter, I also learn to let the energy of my heart flow into my shoulders and then into my arms to avoid stiffness and pain.

They are born in my heart, where my innate aspirations to express myself through creation and performance travel. To satisfy these impulses, emotional energy must be concentrated in my arms and hands.

My shoulders will become tense and stiff if I hold back from expressing or acting if I “box myself in” instead of embracing life and if I don’t mask myself to hide my anxieties and apprehensions.

If the shoulder bone weakens to the point of cracking or breaking, there is a very serious problem in my life that affects the very core of who I am.

Shoulder pain

I can tell whether it is the right or left shoulder by any tension or other discomfort I experience in the shoulder area.

  • If my right shoulder hurts, it means that my active male side is under stress because of my job or the way I act with authority figures.
  • On the other hand, if my left shoulder hurts, the tension I may feel is linked to the feminine component of my life, i.e., creative and receptive, my ability to express my feelings. It is the “hard and controlling” side that wins.

I acknowledge my weaknesses, recognize that I am in charge of MY happiness and allow other people to take care of their pleasure. I accept the delegation.

Cold shoulder

When used to the fullest, it means becoming cold, hurt and annoyed. Do I lose interest in what I am doing and become indifferent to it (just to do it?), or can I do it? There is a strong tension suggesting this to me.

I want to change what I am doing now.

I agree to practice living in the present, which will help me get rid of the burden I am carrying. Also, I have faith that the cosmos will provide for my daily needs.

The area of the body where the arm meets the trunk is known as the shoulder in human anatomy. The ends of three bones-the clavicles, the scapula and the humerus-along with muscles, ligaments and tendons combine to form it.

Supported, recognized, safeguarded and valued

The human shoulder, which represents our ability to offer and receive hugs, as well as to feel loved, has the greatest range of motion of all the joints in the body. We consider the hug to be real or symbolic because it can mean being supported, acknowledged, safeguarded, valued, etc.

The shoulder can also represent my ability to bear a burden or my obligations.

What conflict am I going through emotionally?

If I show discomfort on any of my shoulders, I am inevitably experiencing an internal conflict where I feel I am carrying a great burden (supporting my parents, taking care of my family, being the best of my siblings, etc.).

Since the shoulder connects the arms, which is what we call “work,” it will inevitably have to do with what I do.

I may do things for others to restrict myself from doing what I love, or I may want to do too much for someone because I see it as “my responsibility.” And I will continue to experience agony as long as I continue to act out of obligation or for other people.

Right shoulder discomfort


  • Self-evaluation in comparison to partner (occurs 80% of the time).
  • Partner identity conflict: Not sure what my role is.
  • Partners for love or at work.


  • “I’m a bad spouse.”
  • “I’m not an authoritative employee.”
  • “I’m not doing well in school” (humerus head).
  • “I have not adequately protected my partner or co-worker” (if it affects the capsule).

Left shoulder pain


  • Degradation of value as a parent or guardian in one’s own eyes.
  • Degradation of “mother/son”, “godchild” or “spoiled person”.
  • Identity conflict within a specific context is related to what we sabotage.


  • “Child, I’m a lousy parent.”
  • “I have not adequately protected my parents or my children” (if it impacts the capsule).
  • “I have not been able to protect someone very close to me” (if it impacts the humeral head).

I may feel pain in my shoulders if…

  • I believe that I have not adequately protected my partner or my children.
  • In my opinion, I am not a competitive athlete in any sport.
  • I have some work-related drama that I have inherited from my family.
  • I have hit someone hard (real or symbolic).
  • My tree contains stories of battles I have lost.
  • I have felt powerless to comfort, hug or support someone.
  • I do not feel the support of my family.

Shoulder fracture or dislocation


  • I don’t want to be tied to this family; I want to be me.
  • I feel confined in this position.
  • I wish to shift my attention elsewhere.

Pain in my shoulder tendons is a current problem and if I feel my shoulder ligaments sore it may be an impending confrontation.

Shoulder pain is a sign that you are forcing yourself to do things that are not necessary for you. That may mean lending a hand to others or taking on obligations that are not yours. Review your obligations and stop living for others.

Be more empathetic and accepting, let yourself be loved and live happily.

Excerpt from the book The Great Dictionary of Ailments and Illnesses by Jacques Martel

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