Astrological New Year 2024: From Aquarius to Taurus and Beyond

Astrological New Year 2024: From Aquarius to Taurus and Beyond,

The astrological new year of 2024 invites us on a journey from the Equinox to the eclipses, pausing at each sign to reflect on our connection with the cosmos. This year stands out for its call to unity, environmental responsibility, and personal reconciliation.

Beginning of the Astrological New Year 2024

Between Aquarius and Taurus: Artificial Intelligence, Cosmic Unity, and Responding to Climate Change

The dawn of the astrological year 2024 is heralded by the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. At this threshold, the cosmos aligns with two planets in Aquarius, Mars and Pluto; Venus, Saturn, and Neptune along with the centaur Nessus in Pisces; the Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Eris, and the North Node vibrating in Aries, and Jupiter, Uranus, and Sedna resonating from Taurus.

Aquarius lights up the era of Artificial Intelligence, a vision reinforced by the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, among other omens. Pisces urges us to recognize our unity in the vastness of the cosmos, emphasizing that we all, without exception, share this planetary home.

Aries challenges us, reminding us of the ancient inclinations towards conflict as a means of resolution, rather than negotiation and mutual understanding. Taurus, with its three celestial bodies, confronts us with the dilemma of global warming and its consequences if we do not assume our responsibility.

Though it may seem an oversimplification, this is our current position as inhabitants of this magnificent planet. It highlights the difficulty of internalizing certain archetypes, especially that of Mars, the god of war, who pushes us to confront rather than listen to Pallas Athena, who offers us strategies for peace.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: Trine of Hope

From Global Conflicts to Personal Reconciliations

A grand trine formed by the Sun in Aries, the Moon in Leo, and Pallas Athena in Sagittarius, heralds the possibility of finding strategies for a ceasefire, avoiding greater disasters, especially in conflict zones like Gaza.

On a personal level, there’s a call to action and reconciliation. Acknowledging others can prevent conflicts and aggressions. Mars’s frustration intensifies in the face of a lack of appreciation.

The conjunction of Mercury with the North Node and Chiron suggests that dialogue is the most accurate solution. Eris pressures us to find answers to the refugee and migrant crisis. On a personal level, it invites us to reflect on our own experiences of invisibility and devaluation, and their impact on our well-being.

The Venus-Saturn conjunction in Pisces motivates us to carry out those altruistic actions we have always wanted. Many people in the world need support, and we all can contribute. This alignment may unveil realities not previously seen in our relationships, which do not have to be negative if true love prevails.

The First Lunar Eclipse of 2024 and Its Call to Action

Supermoon and Eclipse: The Awakening of Hidden Truths

March 25 marks the arrival of the first lunar eclipse of the year, presenting itself as a Supermoon and offering us the spectacle of an imposing Full Moon despite being in penumbra.

For this event, Mars has already transited into Pisces, while Venus accelerates its distancing from Saturn, suggesting that it has grasped the lesson of the Lord of the Rings. We are urged to action, under the Saturnian imperative to take responsibility for our actions and decisions.

Eclipses remind us that in darkness, hidden truths emerge, invisible under the glare of the everyday. As the sun sets and the night sky turns dark, the stars, always present but hidden by sunlight, reveal themselves to our eyes. Thus, what is necessary becomes visible.

With the Full Moon in Libra, the Aries-Libra tension confronts us with the dialectic of the individual being in relation. Learning to love without losing oneself in the other and to collaborate without compromising our essence constitutes our search for an elusive but essential balance.

The Sun, accompanying its counterpart, seems to remind us that it is possible to coexist and cooperate while maintaining our identity and purpose. This Full Moon, faced by Neptune in the last degrees of Pisces, invites us to merge, while Venus, also in Pisces, calls us to commitment and compassion.

Eclipse in Libra: The Crossroads of the Self and the We

Personal Affirmation vs. Relational Harmony

This Aries-Libra angle reflects the Libran tendency to sacrifice sincerity and self-affirmation for the sake of harmony.

This eclipse is an invitation to express our needs without fear of retaliation, placing our faith not only in deities but in ourselves. The trine between Pluto and the Moon assures us that affirming oneself in change does not necessarily equate to a loss.

The opposition between Nessus and Lilith illuminates the possibility of freeing ourselves from what triggers Lilith within us. Although Lilith’s power is undeniable, being constantly under her influence can be mentally and spiritually exhausting.

Ignoring this aspect of our psyche can lead us toward resentment, an even more debilitating state.

It’s time to learn to explore the darkness, where often the most intriguing aspects of ourselves are found and, above all, where we can unravel our creativity.

Happy beginning of the astrological year and Lunar Eclipse in Libra!

With information from Cristina Laird