Kabbalah Guide for the 12 Days of Aries

Kabbalah Guide for the 12 Days of Aries, InfoMistico.com

The renowned 16th-century Kabbalist, Rav Yitsjak Luria (known as the Arizal), postulated that each of the first twelve days of Aries corresponds to the twelve months of the year and exerts a direct influence on them.

Discover how to make the most of the first twelve days of Aries to shape your destiny in the coming year

Guide and advice from the 16th-century Kabbalist Arizal

For example, the first day of Aries corresponds to the month of Aries (starting with the New Moon), the second day to Taurus, the third to Gemini and so on. What is the relevance of this knowledge?

These days represent an exceptional temporal window in which we can shape our destiny. Our actions and reactions during the first twelve days of Aries can have a significant influence on the events that will occur in the following twelve months.

Each of the first twelve days of Aries is an opportunity to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from achieving the fullness you want and deserve.

Your response to the tests that arise during this period will have a significant impact on the outcome of the coming year. Therefore, I urge you to take a proactive approach and familiarize yourself with the types of challenges you may face. As the saying goes, “a forewarned war doesn’t kill a soldier.”

To help you maximize the potential of these twelve crucial days, this guide offers a series of mantras, tips and meditations. Don’t miss the opportunity to start the year on the right foot!

Day 1 of the 12 days of Aries for the Aries sign

From dusk on March 20th until dusk on March 21st

“Fulfill your responsibilities”

Remember your past experiences to avoid making the same mistakes. Before taking action, seek guidance from divine wisdom. Remain humble in remembering that you are an instrument of universal energy. Practice empathy towards others and try to avoid conflictual situations.

Meditate with Hebrew letters

Kabbalah Guide for the 12 Days of Aries, InfoMistico.com


As I observe my inner being, I perceive the pain where my ego has left a wound: the unease for other people’s opinions, the eagerness to be right and the fury if my will is not fulfilled. As I strip myself of these bindings and seek the Light in higher planes, my shadow areas dissipate. I am free, my ego diminishes and I focus on what is essential: love.

Day 2 of the 12 Days of Aries for the sign of Taurus

From dusk on March 21st to dusk on March 22nd

“Avoid Comfort”

This is the key message that urges us to step out of our comfort zone and embrace change. Listening to others, accepting discomfort and actively sharing with others are the necessary steps to achieve this goal.

Instead of settling for what we already know, we must transform complacency into movement, challenging our limitations and pursuing greater personal growth. In the end, the true reward is found in the journey, not just the final destination.

Meditate with Hebrew letters

Kabbalah Guide for the 12 Days of Aries, InfoMistico.com


I see my limitations, I release my ego and focus on the divine. I recognize how my ego has limited me in the past, preventing me from experiencing true happiness and fulfillment. However, by focusing on the light of the Creator and allowing divine energy to cleanse me, I experience a deep and lasting release. Complaints and frustrations no longer control me and I do not get trapped by the snares of the material world. Instead, I look beyond the physical plane and delve into the spiritual world. I release my ego and open myself up to a new reality filled with love, peace and freedom.

Day 3 of the 12 days of Aries for the Gemini Sign

From March 22nd at dusk until March 23rd at dusk

“Stay focused and committed”

This is the advice that resonates in the minds of those who want to achieve success. While it is important to pay attention to details, it is also essential to have an overall view of the situation to avoid losing sight of the ultimate goal.

Perseverance is fundamental: you must finish what you started. But you should not rely only on your mind, but also on your intuition and the guidance of the Light. In summary, success is achieved by combining attention to detail, a big-picture perspective, perseverance and inner wisdom.

Meditate with Hebrew letters

Kabbalah Guide for the 12 Days of Aries, InfoMistico.com


Finish what you start, without excuses or delays. If there is a project that has kept you stuck, it is time to face it. Sit in meditation and visualize the unfinished project in front of you. Decide to complete it and begin taking the necessary steps to finish it. As you progress, you will feel procrastination and frustration disappear and you will get closer and closer to your ultimate goal. Feel your inner strength growing as you breathe deeply and let laziness and doubt fade away. Imagine a future in which you are fulfilled and satisfied with having completed the project. Make space for even greater achievements. Always remember: finishing what you start is the key to success.

Day 4 of the 12 Days of Aries for the Cancer Sign

From dusk on March 23rd until dusk on March 24th

“Taking Risks”

Success often requires taking risks, but fear can be a significant obstacle. To overcome this fear, it is necessary to trust your inner guidance and be willing to leap. No matter how much money you have, true security is only found in connection with the Light.

An act of sharing can help remember this truth and be grateful for the blessings of life. Finally, living in the present is essential to taking risks and finding happiness. So don’t let fear stop you, take risks and trust the Light to guide your way.

Meditate with Hebrew letters

Kabbalah Guide for the 12 Days of Aries, InfoMistico.com


I leave behind the pain, regret and trauma of the past. I release everything, without holding on to anything. If there is any situation or moment that still torments me, I visualize it and face it with courage, acting differently and planting a new seed in my mind. I let go of the past emotions that have weighed me down and instead allow the Light and love to fill my being. I look forward to a future full of hope and possibilities, not worrying about what has already passed. Because I know that by releasing the baggage of the past, I can move forward with more freedom and lightness in the present.

Day 5 of the 12 days of Aries for the Leo sign

From the dusk of March 24th until the dusk of March 25th

“It is not necessary to be friends with everyone”

That is the lesson we must learn. Instead of using our strength to dominate others we should use it to help them. Empathy and understanding of others’ perspectives are important skills that we must cultivate.

We must be sensitive to the feelings of those around us and avoid being the center of attention at all times. Therefore it is crucial to think before speaking and consider how our words and actions affect others.

Meditate with Hebrew letters

Kabbalah Guide for the 12 Days of Aries, InfoMistico.com


I release my heart from anger, I release my soul from external burdens. I acknowledge that darkness influenced me in the past, but now I hold the power in my own hands. In moments of provocation, I exercise restraint and maintain my calm. Nothing in the physical world can make me lose control. By invoking this name, I commit to maintaining my emotional balance and being the owner of my response…

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