Sun in Sagittarius

Sun in Sagittarius,

The pre-Christmas mood has arrived, marked by a festive and optimistic spirit very much in keeping with the Sagittarian essence, thanks to the Sun’s entry into Sagittarius on November 22 last year.

Sun in Sagittarius — The sign of broad ideals

The most joyful sign of the zodiac is Sagittarius, which has an idealistic, jovial and adventurous nature, as well as a far-reaching outlook and lofty goals.

Sagittarians enjoy creating concepts and ideas, but often lack the practical knowledge needed to put their ideas into practice because they are expansive and prone to exaggeration.

On the other hand, they like to cover a lot in conversation, are good conversationalists, have a great sense of humor and are somewhat disorganized and unreliable.

Sometimes they associate with idealists who spend hours in coffee shops debating how to alter the course of history, but they are also intrepid travelers who yearn to see every corner of the globe. They develop their spirit and their inner self, but they also take care of their body because they like to do sports.

They need to live life as a great adventure because they are restless and routine bothers them. This includes having a strong preference for diverse sexual experiences.


Is a fire sign, so they are impulsive. But its nature is mutable, which means it is flexible and variable.

This sign is enthusiastic and acts on impulse, but it also needs external motivation because its interests or enthusiasm can change throughout the day.

Whenever the sign of Sagittarius is mentioned, the mythical image of the Centaur shooting arrows appears. Ancient astral psychology developed by the Greeks considered this sign to be the most accurate representation of the conflict between instinct (the animal part) and the ideal (the human part).

Later, other considerations and cultures added various characteristics, associating the sign of Sagittarius with rituals, religion, philosophy and morality.

He is constantly torn between what he is and what he aspires to be in public. He hides his “I” and often leads a dualistic life (not for nothing is the complementary sign of Gemini).

They use their ability to laugh to draw people’s attention to specific aspects of their “self” and prevent them from focusing on other aspects. Because of his deep fear of dying, Sagittarius may theatricalize his own life and act from lower levels of consciousness.

His cyclical changes mostly affect his emotional state; his ideals are broad and ambitious; in his professional life, he is very analytical and detail-oriented; in his friendships, he is devoted, preferring to please others rather than himself; and his spiritual life is very intense.

In the Sagittarian spirit, this closing of the cycle is full of optimism

The joy of this sign also helps us prepare to receive Christmas in good spirits. From the astrological point of view, the holidays begin with the entrance of the Sun in Capricorn, that is, at the winter solstice and the atmosphere becomes more reflective.

However, before that, Sagittarius time represents the final stage of autumn, a time of change, death and then rebirth again.

That archer shooting an arrow into infinity, the unknown or the universe is a symbol of Sagittarius. Sagittarius seeks to transcend, wonders what lies beyond and has a broad, universalistic and philosophical mind.

Sagittarius people tend to be reckless and spread themselves quite thin in conversation because they are honest, open and generous, which makes them spend a lot of money. They laugh easily and contagiously.


From an esoteric perspective, Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius, is revered and represents love and wisdom. It is the largest star in the solar system, which explains why Sagittarians are expansive.

Is a planet associated with the gift of command, joy, good humor and prosperity; in a natal chart, it acts as a kind of guardian angel that helps to move forward and overcome any challenge. It also tends to make things seem bigger than they are and to create a festive atmosphere.

Jupiter is credited in mythology with creating all celestial changes, including rain, hail, lightning and thunder.

In ancient astrology, Jupiter was considered the star of supreme fortune, the planet of kindness and goodwill and the emblem of generosity, worship, spirituality, nobility and hope.

A happy individual

With a voracious appetite, optimistic, open, outgoing, generous to others and self, playful, ambitious, euphoric and prone to getting fat, is the archetype of a being influenced by Jupiter. Jupiter is the protector, the counselor and the giver.

The energy of this sign inspires idealism and a sense of direction, which is like a drive and a tendency to be one with the goal. Sagittarians constantly seek a higher goal to accomplish.

Idealism is a resolute course of action that propels us toward a greater goal; idealism is an obsession that compels us to live up to our ideals, which can sometimes give the impression that we are irrational idealists.

As the Sagittarian symbolism of the arrow, man and horse shows, direction is the ability to orient and polarize all that we have, are and do in pursuit of the goal.

Man and horse must move in unison to reach the goal, which means that personality and intuitive perception (horse and man) must move in the same direction as the arrow.

Sagittarius times are times of joy

But also of visualizing goals and bringing to light our ideals, which are often buried in the pragmatism of everyday life.

Idealism is the power to contemplate the vision and direct our steps towards the goal with determination and joy; it is the ability to keep the vision pure and to strive to harmonize our life.

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