Leo and the Full Moon of 2024: Dream Big

Leo and the Full Moon of 2024: Dream Big, InfoMistico.com

The first Full Moon of 2024 rises in the expansive sign of Leo. This inaugural Full Moon holds a unique place in the cosmos, symbolizing our chance to reset, purge, and cleanse the energies of the past year. It offers us a space to forge the future we wish to create.

2024 Begins with a Full Moon in Leo: A Time to Purify and Dream Big

A year with 12 months lies ahead, each carrying its own energies and unknown experiences, but it’s during this first Full Moon that we can envision and dream about what awaits us.

Having the Full Moon in Leo seems like the perfect invitation to dream big, focusing on our passions and working from the heart. It radiates a warm, playful vibe that we can use to infuse our lives with joy and playfulness.

Creating Joy under January’s Full Moon

We all yearn for more joy in our lives, and this Full Moon invites us not only to connect with our joy but also to begin shedding anything that hinders us from embracing it.

Joy is something we must create ourselves. So, how can you use the energy of this Full Moon to generate more joy? Often, creating more joy involves letting go of things rather than introducing something new.

We might need to give up something significant, like an outdated job or relationship, but for most of us, it’s about discarding attitudes and beliefs that prevent us from recognizing the joy that’s already there.

Leo tends to be grand, bright, and dramatic, which can lead us to seek joy in material things or fleeting pleasures that only appear once a year. However, at its deepest level, Leo’s energy reminds us that the purest joy and pleasure come from simplicity.

It’s the small, everyday joys that truly add up and make a difference. Even if they’re fleeting, even if these joys are present only for a moment, they can work wonders for our spirit and soul.

This Full Moon invites you to create more joy in your life by turning towards simple things and focusing on gratitude in the small, precious moments that meet us throughout the day.

Let Your Inner Flame Shine as Brightly as the Moon

We can channel the energy of this Full Moon to expand our heart energy and connect with our desires and passions. If you’ve forgotten some of your passions or haven’t made time for them, this Full Moon is your reminder to reignite that flame.

How can you make time for everything that excites you? And if you’re reading this and feel you don’t have a passion, perhaps it’s time to connect with one!

Start by thinking about everything you enjoy doing. Begin writing a list and aim for at least 50 things. The more you write and challenge yourself to think of things, the more you’ll surprise yourself!

Often, when people do this exercise, they’re amazed at the hidden passions that lurk at the end of the list. Sometimes, we have to dig deep to unearth them!

Healing the Inner Child Under the Full Moon in Leo

Connecting with our inner child is a profound way to harness the energy of this Full Moon. If you have been working on inner child healing, you might find yourself making greater strides under this Full Moon.

Often, we carry subconscious triggers and belief systems inherited from our childhood and parents that no longer serve us or have a place in our current reality. Unless we become aware of them, they can govern our lives and relationships, dooming us to repeat familial karmic patterns.

Inner child work can be intense and something you may wish to do under the guidance of a therapist or support network, but if you feel called to reflect or write about your childhood experiences, this Full Moon will be supporting you.

If issues arise for you under this Full Moon, consider your childhood and family programming, and how that might be influencing the situation and your feelings.

As always, Full Moons have a way of bringing our emotions to a climax. A Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle and, therefore, can mirror the peak of a situation in our own lives.

If something reaches a critical point, remember that everything is being illuminated so you can make the best and most informed decision moving forward.

While there are beautiful, comforting, and expansive energies under January’s Full Moon, it also holds strong, concentrated energy that can make us feel overwhelmed or a bit scattered.

If this happens, make sure to ground your energy and return to the heart. Focusing on simplicity is a good way to navigate some of Leo’s dramatic energies.

Channeled Message for the Full Moon in Leo in January 2024

How can I direct the focus and purpose of my life toward my inner flame?

Often, we look outside ourselves for guidance and answers, but if we connect with our inner flame and allow it to shine, it will always illuminate the path ahead of us. Sometimes, the light may be dim and harder to see, but if that’s the case, we are simply calibrating to a new chapter.

At times, the light blinds us, making us feel almost forced in a particular direction, but that’s okay, as that is simply our soul path unfolding before us. Most of the time, the light is a medium glow to which we have to pay attention.

So, under this Full Moon, pay attention to how your light wants to guide you. To do this, you have to find where that light lives within you. You have to discover where and how it shines. Then, it will always guide you. Try this:

  • Place your hand on your heart, belly, head, shoulder, feet, ears, or any other part of your body (use your intuition), and then greet your inner light.
  • Keep greeting until your inner light becomes known. Then, start to walk.

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