Colon Biodescodification

Colon Biodescodification,

The colon represents our ability to release and let go of what we no longer need. The body needs a balance between intake, assimilation and elimination to adjust to the ideal rhythm of the flow of life.

The colon according to Biodescodification — Emotional conflicts

Our fears are the only thing standing in the way of getting rid of the old.

Constipated people tend to doubt that there will always be enough, even if they are not bad.

They refuse to part with clothes they’ve kept in the closet for years for fear of needing them someday, they keep working at a job that limits them, or they never allow themselves to enjoy themselves because they have to save for bad days in the future.

Must we dig through last night’s trash to find food for today? Let us learn to have faith that life will always provide us with what we need.

Irritable colon and polyps

An irritable colon is part of the survival phase of the early embryonic stage.

The water in the matter is recovered by the colon. I reabsorb the water because I say, “I want to get all my mother’s love back.”


It is more of the same, one after the other. The patient is classified in this section once all tests have been performed and all possibilities have been ruled out. Irritable bowel syndrome sufferers are often insecure and afraid to relax.

The intestines, particularly the large intestine and colon, represent my ability to let go of things that are no longer useful to me and to allow the events of my life to unfold naturally.

L. Louise Hay

  • Fear of letting go is a likely factor. Insecurity.
  • New mental model: By existing, I am secure. I am continually sustained by life. All is well.

Intestinal mucus

  • Possible Root Cause: Uncertainty. It represents the simplicity of letting go of things you no longer need.
  • New thought pattern: I am part of life’s flawless rhythm and flow. Everything is by God’s divine order.

With information from Monsalud Luque