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Eyes Biodescodification, InfoMistico.com

We can see everything around us thanks to our eyes. They are the windows of the world, wide open to let in the light, the landscape, the things we want to see and everything else.

Eyes Biodecoding – Emotional conflicts of sight

We do not always want to see what is happening around us. We do not want to look beyond the material world, not even the corporeal one, sometimes.

The eyes according to biodescodification

Someone we don’t like and don’t want to see… Also, there are issues, circumstances, feelings and ways of being that we prefer not to see in others or ourselves.

Your eyes may be prepared not to see what you do not accept if you are going through a moment in which you do not want to see certain things, you would like them to be erased from your sight, to disappear and stop seeing them, whether it is something, someone or an emotional condition.

I’m not interested in seeing anything, at all.

It may sound a little strange. Keep in mind that you are a whole managing the emotions you are experiencing as best you can. Here, your emotions send a message to your unconscious mind saying:

“I don’t want to see, I don’t want to see, I don’t want to see”.

Finally, the unconscious helps you resolve issues that you cannot resolve consciously.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you have an unconscious that strives to protect you even though it has no way of understanding that the remedy it offers you will only make things worse. There are physical problems associated with the inability to see, in addition to the emotional problems of not wanting to see.

Eye problems

From time to time I receive questions about problems with young children in the home. A child’s problems are the result of his parents. Especially with the mother.

When a child has vision problems and needs glasses to improve his or her vision, you have to consider what may be going on at home that the child does not want to see. He or she cannot alter that circumstance when the child is young, but the parents can.

They should consider what they are doing that is having such a negative effect on their child that he or she is trying to fight back by not seeing properly.

Parents of visually impaired children should not feel guilty or blame themselves for their child’s condition; rather, they should become aware of it and make the necessary adjustments to create a calm, caring environment at home where their child feels safe.

Then he or she won’t need glasses for protection.

When you have eye problems

The best thing to do is to consider how long the problem has lasted. Think about what you didn’t want to see for the year or two years before your eye problem appeared. What problems were there that you thought were better hidden (I call it a silly veil) rather than addressed and resolved?

Your eyesight will improve if you do that retrospective, put light where there were shadows and begin to let go and see clearly.

Eyes Biodescodification, InfoMistico.com

The eyes belong to the 4th Stage: Relationship.

To determine what is the cause of your eye problems, you should ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Am I afraid to look at the present?
  • Is my fear current or did it exist before?
  • What aspects of my life am I unable to handle?
  • Do I understand clearly what I am doing to myself?
  • What would I see if I had a perfect vision that I do not have now?
  • What circumstance do I not accept?

Meaning of the right eye

  • Memorize
  • Watches me
  • Watches my friends
  • My parents
  • My children
  • Other individuals
  • Looks at faces, both familiar and unfamiliar

Meaning left eye

  • Control movement
  • Visualize opponents
  • Focus on the horizon
  • Protects me from harm
  • Warns me of the dangers around

Emotional conflicts I am going through

You may be able to avoid witnessing the conflict associated with the vision you have impacted. If your vision is blurry from afar, it has to do with the future. You will not be able to see up close if you are currently struggling.

I don’t want to look ahead or consider the future, it bothers me. What I see is not what I want to see. I must look away. The ability to see the past, present and future is linked to hidden emotion.

Accepting life as it is will help you let go of these feelings because if you don’t you will be damaging your sight.

Knowing that you can change some things and must accept others makes life better. Discord only comes from resistance. Learn to embrace life with enthusiasm and assimilate all its lessons.

Eye Irritation

When your eyes begin to bother you, take a moment to consider what it is about your environment that “irritates” you. Analyze the situation objectively and call attention to any irritating elements.


You are upset about something you have observed and this distress makes you very angry, rabid and violent (I want to punch someone!). This is the hidden biological emotion.

Dry eyes

I don’t accept people for who they are and I get angry when I see them. Because they refuse to do what I ask them to do, I look at them with anger. I struggle with the idea of loving them. I would rather die than give in and make amends. I am hurt and angry.


I have witnessed something that made me feel impure. My intimate relationships have problems. I have witnessed something that made me angry. Everything else is unappealing, so I only want to see things that I find interesting.

What changes are possible?

The first step to changing your perception and repairing your eyes is to realize that ignoring the evidence does not improve anything. Having a clear vision does not depend on wanting to see things as they are. Life should be seen for what it is, not for what you think it should be.

We affirm that the eyes serve as a reflection of the soul. When there are problems in the eyes, you are preventing your soul from seeing the proper path and completing its life purpose.

We blame what we don’t understand on our parents or ancestors. Part of this is correct. We may inherit a program that causes us to repeat certain actions and feelings, which affects how we see the world.

The answer is still up to you. Find out if it is a generational issue, clean up that information and take full responsibility for your life.

Review your beliefs and connect them to the feelings that are impeding your vision. Replace the limiting beliefs with more ecological ones and you will notice how things start to work more effectively.

Eye expressions and sayings

Watch out for these expressions that could be the cause of your eye problems:

  • It costs me an arm and a leg.
  • I’m unable to take my eye out of my head.
  • I must have four eyes.
  • I close my eyes while doing this.
  • I look at him with bad eyes

These words, when uttered repeatedly, leave a message in your subconscious, which then acts to defend us. Your health and peace are profoundly affected by what you say to yourself and others, as well as what you think and feel.

Therefore, be wise and modify everything bad for you. Review your opinions, thoughts and feelings and be aware of your origins. Live from love and in harmony with yourself and the rest of the world, or you live from fear and continue to live in discord.

Real or symbolic

Keep in mind that the unconscious cannot understand what is real or symbolic. Therefore, if you perceive something as real, your unconscious will also perceive it as real. It takes care of compensating for any emotional demands made on it by the disease.

So, get rid of everything you no longer need, live without fear and pay attention to all aspects of your life.

With information from Monsalud Luque

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