Lunar eclipse and end of Jupiter retrograde

Lunar eclipse and end of Jupiter retrograde,

November 2022 will see significant astrological events, some of which will occur as the countdown to 2023 begins.

Lunar eclipse and end of Jupiter’s retrograde motion November 2022

Among other significant astrological events in November 2022 are a lunar eclipse in Taurus, the conclusion of Jupiter’s retrograde motion and the beginning of the Sagittarius season.

The astral atmosphere of the eleventh month has a sense of farewell. The countdown to 2023 begins after the clocks go back to usher in winter time and conversation at the lavish Thanksgiving dinner.

Early November coincided with the peak of the Scorpio season, a sign that directs us toward intense emotional change. Remember that Pluto, the planet of evolution and death, rules the sentimental water sign of Scorpio.

Since Venus, the planet of love and Mercury, the planet of communication, are both in Scorpio during the first days of the month, it will be the ideal time to deepen our own relationships and those of others.

Total lunar eclipse in Taurus

The last eclipse of 2022 will occur on November 8. The lunar eclipse in Taurus, which marks the end of the eclipse season, amplifies the transformative energy of the Scorpio season.

According to Bustle’s astrological prediction, an eclipse, which will occur in a few days during a full Moon in Taurus, is known in astrology for causing unforeseen twists and turns. This one will shake our foundations and you may be in for some major surprises.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus, the planet of romance and kinship, will enter Sagittarius on November 16 and provide the first signs of what’s to come.

We will feel a free-spirited energy that will manifest in our romantic relationships. As a result, the emotions of the couple will relax a bit.

Season begins for Sagittarius

On November 22, the Sun will enter this fire sign, kicking off the season for Sagittarius.

Archer is a positive sign, adaptable and ready for impromptu adventures. Therefore, now is the perfect time to start preparing for the vacation season.

New Moon in Sagittarius

The lovely new moon will appear on November 23, with the eclipse season already closed.

Novilunums represent new beginnings for all zodiac signs and as this one falls in optimistic Sagittarius, our hearts will be ready for exploration.

Final retrograde motion of Jupiter

Jupiter will come to an end on November 23, just as the new moon is about to appear in the sky.

We will feel more inspired than ever because Sagittarius is ruled by the giant of the Solar System, which is also responsible for luck, prosperity and abundance.

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