Addictions according to Biodescodification

Addictions according to Biodescodification,

Unlike what those addicted to other things claim, addictions are not just to tobacco and drugs. Addictions are a reflection of what is NOT said and what is NOT expressed.

The emotional meaning of addictions — Biodescodification

To avoid cynicism and hypocrisy, as well as to avoid making other addicts feel bad about their false morals and convenience, it is preferable to recognize, accept and treat one’s addiction rather than seeing addictions in others.

Addictions are linked to the family unit, overprotective mothers and the absence of fathers. Both incidents were caused by a lack of unwavering love.

All addictions are aimed at avoiding emotional contact; this avoidance can take the form of a sense of existential emptiness, a lack of love, a sense of loneliness, or disconnection from our higher self…

Meaning of addiction

If we examine the word addiction etymologically, it means “unsaid”, what I cannot or does not want to express.

Types of addictions


Helps to control resentment towards the father and allows him to say things that normally would not dare because cocaine achieves disinhibition. The illusion of a deep awakening improves interpersonal relationships.

Desire to regain innocence or anything else that can no longer produce, such as the admiration of others.


Helps to manage separation from a partner and my identity or position in the face of that separation. A person searching for themselves and unsure of their purpose on earth. Identity crisis.


It has to do with the desire to avoid physical or emotional responsibilities for fear of being hurt once and being hurt again.


Tobacco smoking is associated with mother-child conflict and intense loneliness. Inadequate mother-child communication or excessive overprotectiveness. Lack of independence and freedom.


Attempting to feed one’s desire for love. The more food consumed, the hungrier one feels. Eating to overcome unpleasant or unassimilated memories.


The need for my father’s kindness and love. Conflicts with the absence, lack of love, or undervaluation of the father.


The desire to make life more pleasant to compensate for the person’s lack of joy, love and tenderness.


Attempting to stifle the material, the ethereal and convincing oneself that having sex is having love.


Living with excessive fear and attachment to avoid the suffering of lack. Having the conviction that I must demonstrate both the usefulness of my life and the value of my contribution to society.


Having trouble accepting oneself. Dependence on your physical well-being to mask and satisfy an inner sense of insecurity.

If you struggle with this type of addiction, you must find the origin of your story, forgive yourself what needs to be forgiven, heal your inner child, stop seeing life as a punishment or a source of suffering and work on developing empowerment, humility, appreciation and, most importantly, self-love.

Accepting the situation and saying things like “I can let it go” or “I don’t have a problem” will help you get through it and want things to get better.

No one can stand up on their own

You always need the help of a specialist or people with the necessary training.

It is advisable that you recognize, value and accept the fact that you need help. That there are people who care about you and feel hurt when there are conflicts in the family.

Ego is what prevents us from accepting help, but there are many resources available to help us quit any addiction we have. The specific thing is to recognize that I need help and ask for it.

That if you want it, you can make it all better. No one can help you if you don’t want it. If you want to go in circles, you will stay in the same place. Accepting that you are worth much more than you think – that you are worth more than gold – is now necessary.

Allowing yourself to be held in the arms of your loved ones is entirely up to you. Your family will always be by your side when you need them, as well as a helping hand.

With information from Ana Mendez – Vibrando Alto