Acne and Self-Protection: A Biodecoding Perspective

Acne and Self-Protection: A Biodecoding Perspective,

Acne is a skin problem that mainly affects the face. It manifests as pimples, cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, or zits. It is more common in teenagers due to hormonal changes.

Acne According to Biodecoding — Emotional Conflicts

It is often transient, a minor issue that is not taken very seriously and usually disappears by the end of adolescence, although in some cases it may persist until the age of 30.

Although hormonal issues are the main cause of acne, we must not forget that emotions also play a significant role in the creation of health and aesthetic issues.

Acne Problems

In terms of acne, Biodecoding speaks of a problem of protection.

With acne, we protect ourselves from something or someone. There can be identity conflicts, for example, name changes. At this age, nicknames or diminutives are no longer used, and we are called by our full name.

Almost when we stop being children or at the end of adolescence, if we are insulted referring to our face: nose, mouth, eyes, dark circles… it can create problems of self-image, aesthetic evaluation, “contradiction in the mirror,” dirt conflict.

At its core, it is a problem with your face, there can be self-rejection. If you have acne or pimples on your shoulders or back, it means a lack of support, because this is the part on which you usually lend a hand to support someone.

In adolescence, we face an uncertain future, we are very afraid of responsibility, that’s why it is better to remain a child as long as we can.

Fear of Sexuality

The conflicts we postpone can trigger acne outbreaks. In acne, there is a sexual connotation. There is a conflict of fear regarding sexual relations. Through my acne, I show my hormones and with them, I can have sex.

Acne is an attraction and at the same time a fear of the instinct that has just blossomed into sexuality. There is a dual conflict of not accepting yourself.

If You Have Rosacea Acne

You try to hide behind the acne because you feel there’s something dangerous within you (femininity, for instance).

Acne is associated with a lack of self-esteem. We want people to stay away for fear of getting hurt. Lack of self-acceptance, lack of love and friends, and low self-esteem. They are sensitive individuals who hide behind acne and push others away out of a need for protection.

Acne and Protection

Acne appears to protect you from yourself and others when you feel fear, rejection, or struggle to be who you are so your family won’t like it.

If you have acne, or if a daughter or a friend has acne, find out what you think of yourself, what you think of those around you, whether you pretend to be like your father or your mother, or if you don’t want to be like them at all.

You want to be like your father/mother or opposite to them, and what happens is that you start to become someone you are not, and this is reflected on your face through acne.

Acne After Adolescence

If you have acne and are past your youth, go back and document those good years to see what happened there, what you felt, what you rejected, what the purpose of the acne was… compare thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions to see if you still hold the same stereotypes and beliefs from your adolescence.

If acne begins in adulthood, you may have repressed emotions and feelings that have harmed you as a human being. Go back to the time before your first outbreak and see if there’s something that feels reminiscent of your adolescence.

It’s a way of releasing repressed emotions and conflicts, to be able to unravel the hidden wounds in your subconscious that need healing.

Hiding Pain

Hiding the pain and suffering caused by the wounds of youth is an extraordinary loss of energy. Thus, when you are affected and develop that sorrow, it can cause acne as a healing effect.

At this point, you need to do a few things to accept, forgive, boost your self-esteem, and recognize the beauty within you.

We may not understand how the body works with orders from the subconscious, but the body only obeys “higher” orders, and in this, there is a secondary benefit, a positive intention, even if we do not understand it.

Need for Protection

If I have emotions that the subconscious interprets as a need for protection, to hide, hide from others, not liking myself, not being myself… then your subconscious, through acne, gives me what the emotion suggests.

That’s how straightforward our subconscious is!

It does not reason, it does not understand past or future, good or bad… it simply reacts emotionally. We hope this article helps you better understand what’s behind acne, which brings many inconveniences and little joy.

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