Thrombosis & Biodecoding: Deciphering Emotional Blockages

Thrombosis & Biodecoding: Deciphering Emotional Blockages,

Thrombosis, defined as the formation of a clot within a blood vessel, emerges as a significant health threat, potentially being the precursor to an acute myocardial infarction. This pathological process is characterized by the occlusion of a blood vessel through an aggregate of platelets or fibrin, thus stopping normal blood flow.

Emotional Interpretation of Thrombosis According to Biodecoding

Thrombosis can manifest in various parts of the body, excluding the heart, but its emotional interpretation remains constant.

The occurrence of thrombosis is associated with the experience of profound family conflicts, where a complete blockage in communication pathways within the family nucleus is perceived. This blockage translates into a loss of joy and family cohesion.

Associated Feelings and Resentments

  • Feeling suffocated or drowned within the family environment.
  • Perceiving that the family lacks solutions or remedies.
  • Identifying a “contamination” or dirtiness in family relationships.
  • Feeling exhaustion or despair when trying to “clean” or resolve family conflicts.

Symbolically, the obstructed veins in thrombosis represent how relationships and family joy are “contaminated” or blocked by unresolved conflicts or issues, needing a “cleaning” or solution to recover the fluidity and health of family interactions.

Thrombopenia / Thrombocytopenia in Biodecoding

Thrombocytopenia refers to a reduction in the number of circulating platelets in the blood, falling below the levels considered normal.

This disorder, from the perspective of biodecoding, could be interpreted as a physical manifestation of situations or dynamics that affect the ability to “repair” or “protect” at an emotional or family level, emphasizing the importance of addressing both physical and emotional aspects in the healing process.

Associated Feelings and Resentments

  • Experiencing a feeling of incapacity to strengthen family ties.
  • Feeling hopeless after repeated unsuccessful attempts to integrate the family.
  • Facing emotional exhaustion and the sensation of giving up in the face of the difficulty of uniting the clan.

This condition suggests a deep emotional burden linked to the desire for family harmony, which, when unfulfilled, manifests physically, indicating the need to reevaluate personal expectations and responsibilities within the family context.

Coronary Thrombosis in Biodecoding

Coronary thrombosis, resulting from the blockage of a heart artery by a clot, signals a medical emergency that can lead to a heart attack. This condition is interpreted as the physical manifestation of deep emotional conflicts related to feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, and deeply rooted fears, particularly in the family realm.

Associated Feelings and Resentments

  • Feeling useless or insufficient within the family context.
  • Believing that personal efforts are insufficient or unsuccessful.
  • Facing profound hopelessness and resignation towards unachieved family objectives and goals.

This condition underscores the importance of recognizing and accepting that, despite the significance of family and interpersonal relationships, individual responsibility centers on self-care.

It implies the need to establish healthy boundaries, where personal well-being is not compromised by the desire to resolve or intervene in family dynamics and problems.

Acknowledging that excessive involvement in others’ affairs can be counterproductive is crucial for the process of emotional and physical healing.

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