Full Moon in Cancer December 2023

Full Moon in Cancer December 2023, InfoMistico.com

Behold the splendor of the Full Moon to conclude the year! Emerging on December 26th, this Full Moon exudes a blend of harmony, warmth, and uplifting energy. I hope that you will bask in its rays, feeling them nourish every part of your being, especially your emotional body.

Full Moon in Cancer 2023: Cosmic Harmony

Sirius Energy in December’s Full Moon | Jupiter and Vesta: Lunar Impact 2023

Full Moons in Cancer often bring heightened sensitivity. Despite a whirlwind of emotions, remember that cosmic support is in your favor, aiding in achieving balance and finding positivity. Let’s delve into the cosmic energies behind this Full Moon, as it forms particularly unique and rare alignments.

Astrology of the Full Moon in Cancer December 2023

A full moon infused with Sirius’ energy

Sirius, a star brighter than our Sun, is revered by many ancient cultures.

Monuments have been built in alignment with Sirius, and countless tales speak of beings from Sirius imparting wisdom and advanced knowledge. In astrology, Sirius is considered our Spiritual Sun. When activated, it radiates a potent energy force capable of penetrating our light body and elevating our frequency.

Envision Sirius’s energy as a potent blue light, igniting sharper intelligence, bolstering our psychic senses, and aiding in creating greater freedom. It can be harnessed for problem-solving, overcoming technical challenges, tuning into our intuition more easily, and breaking free from constraints that inhibit authenticity.

On December 26th, the Full Moon will align precisely with Sirius, activating its energy and projecting it into our being. Given the Moon’s strong connection with our emotions, this is where we will most powerfully feel Sirius’s influence.

We may find ourselves emotionally shedding what holds us back, receiving a surge of inspiration on navigating current challenges, and gaining energetic insights into what our emotions seek to teach us.

Striving for balance and neutrality within our emotional state will enhance our ability to engage with these energies more effortlessly.

If you are naturally psychic or sensitive, anticipate this Full Moon to intensify your dreams, stimulate your higher senses, and amplify your clairvoyance.

Jupiter’s Amplifying and Soothing Influence

Under this Full Moon, Jupiter will be active, forming a harmonious sextile alignment with the Moon.

Jupiter’s role is to expand and amplify, thus it will intensify the energies of this Full Moon and those we are experiencing from Sirius. Jupiter is heralded as the planet of benevolence and luck! Ancient astrologers believed that when Jupiter was strong in the sky, it poured forth abundance and good fortune.

While modern astrology takes a more balanced approach, I hope Jupiter’s energies bring you something positive. At the very least, let this Full Moon be a reminder to tune into the abundance and gifts surrounding you.

We have much to be grateful for, even if it’s just a little, and focusing on this can help align us with a higher vibration.

As this is the last Full Moon of the year, you might want to reflect on everything you’re grateful for in 2023. Review each month and celebrate your triumphs, obstacles, and all that unfolded. Acknowledge the beauty around you and see if you can view things from a miraculous perspective.

Full Moons are powerful times for release and letting go, and Jupiter’s energies will strongly support this. Perhaps through your reflection, you’ll identify habits, attitudes, or things that need to be released from your life.

What do you no longer wish to carry forward? Set your intentions and allow the powerful rays of the Full Moon to carry them away for you.

Vesta, Goddess of the Hearth and Fire

Vesta, one of the asteroid goddesses, will be active under this Full Moon.

The asteroid goddess Vesta will lend this Full Moon a nurturing and comforting quality, showing us we are exactly where we need to be. As Vesta is the Goddess of the Hearth and Fire, and since the Full Moon falls in Cancer, the sign of home and family, this is an opportune Full Moon to focus on your environment.

Is your environment uplifting and nourishing to your soul? Are you surrounded by people who elevate you and bring out your best?

Focusing on creating beauty and positivity in your environment can be very beneficial, and this Full Moon will be there to boost your efforts.

Set an intention around creating a more aligned home and family life and see what steps you can take to align your space and environment with the kind of energy you want to attract.

The Full Moon in Cancer Closes 2023

Some sensitive energies under this Full Moon may trigger our emotions and feelings.

Overall, however, it’s a beautiful Full Moon that can remind us to feel empowered in our skin and free from all that no longer supports us. This Full Moon feels like a gift from the Universe as we close 2023 and move toward the vibration of 2024.

I hope you can enjoy its energies and absorb that powerful high-frequency energy emanating from Sirius, our Spiritual Sun!

With information from Tanaaz