New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini,

The New Moon in Gemini, which occurs from June 17 to 18, 2023, offers a unique opportunity for a fresh start. With the energies of Neptune, Juno and Saturn at play, it’s a crucial time for introspection and spiritual growth. Find out how to harness these cosmic energies to revitalize your life and relationships.

Navigating the Cosmic Mist: A Guide to Setting Intentions and Finding Your Way on the June New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon in Gemini arrives from June 17 to 18, 2023, marking the beginning of a new lunar cycle. New Moons are always our starting point in the month. They are opportunities to start over to receive new beginnings and sow seeds for the future.

Before a New Moon, the Universe can begin silently or sometimes stridently to draw our attention to things that we can revitalize or renew in our lives. We may focus our attention on things that no longer work, or feel a growing sense of inspiration around new ideas or projects.

As the New Moon in Gemini reaches its apogee from June 17 to 18, cosmic energies become conducive to setting intentions and taking action on any new inspiration that has found us. New Moons are always considered a moment of power to send to the Universe what we want to attract to us.

But if we look a little deeper, there’s a certain haze attached to this June New Moon which can cloud our judgment or create a sense of uncertainty. We might feel the invitation to welcome the new and start over at something in our lives but it won’t be easy to know exactly what the path is.

The Veil of Neptune: Deciphering Illusions and Embracing Spiritual Love During the New Moon

Neptune, the planet of illusions, dreams and spiritual love is very active under this New Moon and will cast its veil over the energy we are receiving. It will make things seem what they aren’t or deceive us sometimes if we’re not careful. When Neptune is involved, we must be extra aware of aligning ourselves with the truth.

While Neptune can create fog and confusion, the gift it offers is deeply spiritual. It clouds our outside world in an effort to bring us inward. When we can’t see what’s in front of us, we must trust our inner judgment. We must take one step at a time, listen to the voice of our intuition and use that to guide us.

Neptune encourages us to trust ourselves and to really listen to our inner voice when it comes to the next steps in our lives. It’s connected to spiritual love, so if it’s hard to listen to your intuition or trust yourself, start with self-love.

Allow the beautiful vibrations of Neptune to sink into your soul, to envelop you in divine love, to infuse and open your heart with the love that you are and the love that surrounds you. Remind yourself how much you are loved and then take steps to feel that love emanating through your being.

Love can be the tonic we need, especially when Neptune is involved.

Relational Transformation with the New Moon: The Role of Juno, Pluto and Saturn in Engagement and Authenticity

Juno, the asteroid of companionship, is active under this New Moon, so a couple of issues will be very present in our minds. Juno is considered the Goddess of marriage but her domain extends beyond romantic love. It helps us to maintain our independence in the associations of our lives. It reminds us not to lose our individual spark and to continue to shine with our unique light no matter what relationships we find ourselves in.

If you’ve been feeling a little lost, especially in a relationship, Juno can help you find yourself again. It’s a reminder of what you contribute and how important it is that you are recognized and valued in your relationships.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, will be infusing its energy into this New Moon, so if there are any changes or transformations that need to take place, especially in a relationship, Pluto will send some help along the way.

Just before the New Moon in Gemini reaches its peak, Saturn also goes into retreat, starting its descent into the underworld for the first time since it entered Pisces. Saturn’s retreat coinciding with the New Moon will intensify its energy, turning it into another powerful force with which we will work.

Spiritual Growth in the June New Moon: The Role of Saturn and Gemini in Expanding Consciousness

Saturn is considered our teacher and the Lord of Karma, so as it travels backward, it will be bringing karmic lessons that we need to review or analyze since March 2023. You can read more about it here»

The New Moon in June is quite busy, but although it takes us in many directions, the general feeling behind this New Moon is expansive and purifying the soul. It can lead us to profound achievements, it does so to expand our consciousness, make our souls grow and allow us to create new productive starts in our lives.

Gemini is governed by twins, one mortal and the other immortal, reminding us of the two sides of our being. We need a connection to our ego and our soul in this life, for both sides of ourselves to work in harmony to navigate this earthly realm.

Return to this idea during the New Moon in Gemini. See where you can create a balance between both sides of your being. Listen to your ego/logical/human side, but make room to listen to your soul. It balances both of the messages they share.

This article serves as an astrological guide based on the work of Tanaaz, a respected astrologer and founder of Forever Conscious. It seeks to provide useful information and insights to support personal development. It is advisable to take this knowledge as an extra resource, without letting the belief in cosmic influences completely control our lives.