Solar Eclipse in Sign of Scorpio

Solar Eclipse in Sign of Scorpio,

Because the South Node, one of the roots of the past, is currently transiting Scorpio, we are in a cycle where collective karma is in this sign.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio — Scorpio Karma will become more evident

Now that the Sun will enter this zodiacal strip to activate its essential energy, the manifestation of Scorpio karma will become more evident.

In this case, the manifestation of Scorpio’s higher energies is pending; his karma is related to being in darkness, waiting to fulfill the mission that implies evolving, transmuting, detaching from attachments and soaring like the eagle to the highest of the spiritual peak.

We understand by karma any past action whose consequences are pending.

Sun in Scorpio

On October 23, the Sun enters Scorpio, awakening its transforming power. And two days later, on the 25th, it undergoes a partial eclipse, highlighting the process of transformation that has just begun and will last six months.

This is the cycle in which an eclipse manifests its consequences.

An eclipse already has a transformative power, as Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto and it becomes even more potent when it occurs during this sign.

We have often related Scorpio energies to one of Hermann Hesse’s best-known books, “Demian,” which tells the story of young Emil Sinclair, the central character of the work, as he undergoes an intense transformation.

He tells of his fears and roots, his crises, his turbulent emotions and his desire to be “born again” by cutting his ties to the past.

“To be born, you have to demolish a planet,” it is said in the opening of the book. The child “breaks the fountain,” abandoning the warm shelter of the womb to be born into the adventure of worldly existence, just as the hatching bird breaks the egg.


All of this connects to the main objective of Scorpio. The environment prepares us for dramatic transformations when Scorpio energy is active, where we must “kill a world” and prepare to be born again. And even more so if the occurrence of a solar eclipse intensifies a karma (unfinished task).

We should not fear this duty because it is part of what makes life worthwhile. The extremes that touch each other are birth and death. Being in the condition of death, which is the same as not being born, is what makes it possible for something to be born.

Death is not the end, but a transformation or transmutation.

For the new to be born, to regenerate, to experience new things and to evolve, we must let go of everything that no longer serves us, bothers us or weighs us down.

Something similar happens in our own body

Every week new cells are created and old ones die, allowing our body to rejuvenate. When the body completes its cycle, death allows us to be born on a higher plane because, in truth, “nothing dies, everything transforms”.

In Scorpio times, we learn to accept changes after a period of “crisis”, to let go of attachments (maintaining attachments and obsessions is unfulfilled karma). Pluto, the planet that rules Scorpio, is the one that destroys and clears the way for the construction of the new.

Scorpio is the sign of evolution

Three animals are associated with it:

  • The eagle, which is when we finally take flight and develop a powerful inner vision that allows us to see the truth through appearances;
  • A scorpion, which represents a slightly higher degree of evolution;
  • and the snake, which is the least evolved state and of lower passions.

With information from the Zodiacal Thermometer