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New Moon in Libra and Solar Eclipse

Luna Nueva en Libra / New Moon in Libra

Have you ever felt that the cosmos could exert a direct influence on your life? The forthcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra affords us a window through which to explore that very possibility. From the sway of Pluto to the teachings of Chiron, this event serves as an invitation to introspect as well as to look beyond ourselves.


Autumn Equinox: Libra’s Lingering Influence

Equinoccio de Otoño / Autumn Equinox

Historically, the autumn equinox has stood as a moment of mysticism and contemplation. This cycle, with the Sun’s decisive position in Libra, underscores the imperative of achieving both emotional and spiritual stability. This unique astral alignment beckons us to delve deeper into our interpersonal ties and to fathom the overarching influence of the cosmos on our individual trajectories and holistic well-being.


The Christ Full Moon

Luna Llena de Cristo / Full Moon of Christ

This year’s Aries Full Moon will be on April 6th and its energy of emotional balance and renewal is an opportunity to start anew and revitalize. The celebration of Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus and promotes the integration of opposites in the fight for a better world.


Full Moon in Libra

Luna Llena en Libra / Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon in Libra has arrived after the New Moon in Aries during the equinox on March 21st. This lunar phase invites us to look at ourselves through the eyes of others and pay attention to those around us especially those who are in front of us.