The Christ Full Moon

The Christ Full Moon,

The commemoration date of Holy Week is variable due to its reference being the Full Moon in Aries, an astronomical event that doesn’t occur on a specific date but rather between the last days of March and the first weeks of April.

The Full Moon in Aries and its influence on Holy Week

Renewal and emotional balance at the beginning of the new astrological year

This time the Full Moon in Aries will take place on Thursday, April 6th. The Sun in Aries will illuminate the Moon in the opposite sign, Libra, at its central moment at 04:36 universal time.

Jupiter will be close to the Sun in Aries which will contribute positively to the influence of this Full Moon. A moment of emotional balance and inner joy is expected, not influenced by external circumstances but by the energies emanating from the self.

The Full Moon that marks the celebration of Holy Week is known as the “Christ Full Moon” and commemorates the resurrection of Jesus instead of his death.

The key characteristic of the influence of this Full Moon is renewal the opportunity to start anew, to draw strength from nature to revitalize, renew habits, spirits and emotions.

The Christ Full Moon

Integrating individuality and solidarity in the pursuit of a better world

On this day we celebrate the festival of the living Christ, the Master of masters and the expression of God’s love. It is an opportunity to offer a prayer for peace, represented by the Moon in Libra, although we must not confuse this with passivity, as on the opposite side is the Sun in Aries, reminding us that we must fight for a better world. The Full Moon promotes the integration of opposites.

The Full Moon that activates the Aries-Libra astrological pair awakens energies related to individuality and each individual’s responsibility to fight for a better world. It reminds us that assuming individual responsibility does not mean being individualistic since humans are social beings and can only achieve the true purpose of a better world through solidarity.

The Spring Equinox

An initiatory date of renewal and purification in nature

This Full Moon coincides with the Spring Equinox which marks the beginning of the new astrological year and occurred on March 20th. It is an initiatory date related to rebirth, renewal and one that Christians associated with the resurrection of Christ.

However, this date was celebrated long before Jesus, as a way of exalting the renewing spirit that accompanies spring.

For those who have learned to tune in with the natural cycles and to manage their laws the period of the Spring Equinox is of great importance. At this time, a work of purification and regeneration takes place using the laws of life that govern nature.