Double Quantum Theory and Time Dilation

Double Quantum Theory and Time Dilation,

While drafting my latest article on Quantum Physics, I stumbled upon a theory that piqued my interest: Double Quantum Theory and Time Dilation. This theory was developed by quantum physicist Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet whose book I found fascinating but not exactly easy to comprehend. How Quantum Physics shows us a new way to understand time.

How Quantum Physics is Showing Us a New Way to Understand Time

According to Malet, two distinct times occur simultaneously: one we call conscious time and another that is imperceptible to us but in which we can perform actions that later manifest in our conscious time.

At every present moment we have access to information from this imperceptible time, in which we create a potential future that later manifests in real-time. In this way, it’s possible to have an instantaneous synthesis of an analysis that we have performed in the other time, even if we don’t have conscious memory of it.

This Double Quantum Theory and Time Dilation propose a fascinating way to understand our relationship with the universe and how we create our own reality.

Time Dilation: The Physics behind our other self and its impact on our long-term memory

Is this magic? No, it’s based on physics and has been endorsed by the New York-based American Institute of Physics whose scientific committee validated it in 2006. This theory has allowed us to predict and explain the arrival of planetoids in the solar system.

Often, we perceive time as a continuous and linear entity without interference. But if we consider imaging diagnostics we realize that our brain only prints intermittent images. There’s always an imperceptible moment between two perceivable instants.

When we watch a movie our brain processes only 24 of the 25 images projected per second. The 25th frame is subliminal and has been used in advertising to influence people.

There’s a rumor that Walt Disney factory inserted sex scenes into this frame in their animated movies.

Throughout the day, we experience several of these temporal openings that allow us to access, for instant, information from our “other self”. We could think of our thoughts as images in a movie where the temporal opening occurs between frames 25 and 26.

These times aren’t exact but serve as an example. The temporal openings occur “between thoughts” in that brief moment when our mind is at rest and without thoughts, where we could access and connect with our quantum self.

The subliminal can remain imprinted in our memory and have long-term effects. Time dilation has been scientifically tested and has provided justifications at both the particle and solar system scale.

Time Splitting: How to Anticipate the Present and Make Better Decisions Through Quantum Hyperincursion

Time splitting is a phenomenon that allows a person to be present in real-time and, at the same time, in an imperceptible time. In this state, it is possible to obtain information from different potential states and select the best solution to transmit to the self that lives in linear time.

This process of information exchange between the conscious self and the quantum self allows us to anticipate the present through memories of the future.

According to the theory, the double quantum accesses all possible solutions to our problems and knows which is the best solution for each moment of our lives. This phenomenon known in physics as hyperincursion, has been scientifically demonstrated.

If we consider that the past, present, and future are happening simultaneously, we can visualize them as landings on a staircase. The past would be on the first landing, the present on the second and the future on the third. The steps that separate each landing prevent us from seeing the past and future but energetically we are present in all three.

In this sense, the quantum double provides us with information from the first and second steps which allows us to make more accurate decisions.

Subatomic particles separate and maintain a union despite the distance that separates them, even if one of them is altered, the other does so instantaneously. This phenomenon was tested in a study conducted with the Langevin twins.

In the 1920s, Paul Langevin proposed the theory that if one of the twins traveled at the speed of light, he would age at a different rate than the twin who remained at rest. The theory was met with skepticism and it was not until half a century later, in the 1970s that the truth of the law was confirmed thanks to atomic clocks.

The Quantum Connection in Our Body: How REM Sleep and the Quantum Double Affect Our Aging and Well-being

This imperceptible time during which the difference in aging occurs, equivalent to a microsecond is enough to generate a remarkable discrepancy in the age of both twins.

For an external observer, this phenomenon is amazing as a microsecond at extreme speeds can become a full day. Physics also reveals another remarkable property the duality of matter.

Subatomic particles have a corpuscular nature, behaving like matter and a wave nature, behaving like energy. Like particles, human beings also possess a dual nature, being both matter and energy at the same time which allows us to access information at wave speeds.

The mysterious world of quantum physics poses an interesting question: how many are we really? The answer might surprise you. According to some theorists, each of us is made up of two distinct entities: our conscious self and our quantum self. But when does the connection or exchange of information between these two parts of ourselves occur?

According to experts in the field, it is during the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep phase that the transfer between the energetic and corpuscular body takes place. In this state, our brain is at its highest activity level and the necessary transformation takes place to “fix” the future that has been created during the day.

During sleep our quantum double reviews all the information from the day and determines what should be kept and what should be discarded. The next day we may experience a change in our attitude and approach to certain situations finding new solutions and ways to face challenges.

It is evident that our quantum double plays a fundamental role in ordering and optimizing our daily lives.

Those who do not get enough sleep or do not have restful sleep may suffer from more physical and mental problems due to the lack of connection with their quantum double. It is important to note that some medications such as sleeping pills, can affect this sleep phase. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with a medical professional before taking any medication that may affect our REM sleep and consequently, our quantum double.

How does information exchange occur in our body?

According to scientific studies, water is capable of recording information, which causes a change in its molecules. In our body, water stores information from our quantum double, and through constant information exchange, survival instincts and intuition develop.

Both our quantum self and conscious self transmit information through the water in our bodies. It is important to note that our emotions, thoughts, and feelings are recorded at the water level in our bodies. Since the human body is composed of 75% – 80% water there is enough space for information exchange among our different selves.

Therefore, it is essential that we pay attention to what we think and feel. The quality of our thoughts and emotions will make a significant difference in building our personality at all levels.

Every time we think, we create potentials that can be constructive or destructive and can affect ourselves or others in the future. We have a continuously moving thinking system that generates new thoughts constantly, making it complex to stop thinking during the day unless we perform some exercise to slow down or not feed our thoughts.

Technique to connect with your Quantum Double and solve problems: learn how to do it before sleeping

There is a simple and effective technique to connect with our Quantum Double and ask for its help to solve problems and conflicts. According to experts the ideal moment to practice this technique is just before sleeping when we are entering a drowsy state.

During that moment when we have not yet fallen asleep but are about to do so, it is recommended to spend about a minute addressing our Quantum Double and expressing our request in the following way:

“I ask my Quantum Double to bring me the best solution for this problem, conflict…”

At that point, it is important to name the problem or conflict that we want to solve in detail.

After expressing the request, we let the Quantum Double work on it while we sleep. It is essential to trust it and allow restful sleep to do its job erasing any unwanted potential from the day and receiving the necessary information to solve the problem.

The information obtained may come in various forms, such as intuition, a dream, something we read, someone we see or a phone call. Although it may be subtle, it is important to pay attention and recognize it as the key to finding the best solution.

It is recommended to ask for the best solution to one problem at a time and not to insist, but to trust the process.

Additionally, it is suggested to drink a glass of water before sleeping to facilitate the reception of information (which is also beneficial for the organs).

In summary, this technique allows us to connect with our Quantum Double and ask for its help to solve problems and conflicts. By practicing it before sleeping and trusting the process we can obtain the necessary information to find the best solution.