Holy Week

Welcome to the Holy Week section, where devotion and culture come together to create a unique and unforgettable experience! Here you will find everything related to this ancestral celebration, from the most emblematic processions to the most curious traditions, through typical gastronomy and the history behind each symbol. Immerse yourself in this religious festivity and discover everything you need to know to live the Holy Week to the fullest. Let us be your guide on this spiritual journey!

The Christ Full Moon

Luna Llena de Cristo / Full Moon of Christ

This year’s Aries Full Moon will be on April 6th and its energy of emotional balance and renewal is an opportunity to start anew and revitalize. The celebration of Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus and promotes the integration of opposites in the fight for a better world.


Laurel’s Blessing Ritual

Ritual de Bendición de Laurel / Laurel Blessing Ritual

Discover the power of blessing on the first Sunday of April! Let the magic flow with an enchanting ritual using fresh bay leaves or olive leaves. Raise the vibes in your home for the whole year! Don’t miss the opportunity to create a sacred space full of positive energies with this simple but powerful blessing ritual.