Partial Lunar Eclipse of the Full Moon in Libra, March 25, 2024

Partial Lunar Eclipse of the Full Moon in Libra, March 25, 2024,

March 25, 2024, will herald the onset of the eclipse season with a stunning Partial Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Libra, promising not only a celestial spectacle but also an intensification of lunar energy. This astronomical event is said to amplify the characteristics of a Full Moon up to tenfold, marking it as a period of powerful revelations and personal transformations.

Eclipse Season 2024: Partial Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Reflections from the Eclipse in Libra: Profound Learnings in the Mirror of Our Relationships

The 2024 eclipse season kicks off with a Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Libra on March 25. Full Moon eclipses magnify the energy of a Full Moon, so think of them as Full Moon energy times ten!

For this reason, they are incredibly powerful and are believed to open portals to higher states of consciousness.

The portal that opens under this Lunar Eclipse in Libra is one of the conclusions. It seems we are guided to close something. Perhaps it’s a thought pattern, a belief system, or possibly something more tangible like the end of a job, relationship, or chapter in our lives.

Eclipses affect us all at different levels and to various degrees, but they always leave their mark and invariably place us where we need to be. Indeed, it is believed that eclipses unlock destinies.

It’s important to note that this Lunar Eclipse in Libra is part of a larger eclipse cycle that began in April 2023 and will continue throughout this year. We will revisit this same eclipse cycle in October, so what emerges in March may only be part of the story.

We might have to wait until October 2024 or even March 2025, when we experience the last eclipse of this series, to see the full picture. We will delve deeper into the astrology behind the Eclipse later…

Balance and Reciprocity under the Eclipse in Libra

Delving into the Depth of Our Relationships

The scales of Libra represent the balance between giving and receiving in our lives. Where are we giving too much? Where are we not giving enough?

These questions are likely on our minds under the Eclipse and may be at the root of any issues that arise for us.

Our relationships must take center stage under this Eclipse, as Libra’s energy compels us to examine how we present ourselves in our partnerships with others and what we are giving and receiving.

Are we truthful and authentic to ourselves? Do we like who we become when we are in certain relationships?

Libra’s energy does a fine job of helping us focus on the other person and consider things from their perspective. It’s what we can invoke when we want to feel compassion or see what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes.

While it may be tempting to direct all our attention to the other person and everything they are or aren’t doing, this can be a pitfall under the energy of this Eclipse.

Reflections on the Eclipse in Libra

Profound Learnings in the Mirror of Our Relationships

The energy of Libra reminds us that every person we encounter is a teacher and truly just a reflection of a deeper part of ourselves. We are all One, all fragments of each other. What we see in others and what we struggle with in others is also a powerful lesson for us.

This doesn’t mean we tolerate bad behavior or make excuses to stay in toxic situations, but it does allow us to view things through the lens of learning and deepen our connection with the Self.

If a challenging relationship dynamic arises under this Eclipse in Libra, delve beyond merely pointing fingers or searching for someone to blame. Dig deeper, ask what it might be trying to show or teach you. Hold a mirror up to the situation and see what reflects. Ask what lessons can be learned.

Doing this on one’s own isn’t easy, and sometimes, it takes time for all these questions to unfold. But see if you can create space under this March Eclipse to bring some attention and focus back to yourself and ask how this situation can empower you.

Relationships that feel unstable or shaky are likely to be tested under this Eclipse. You may find that dynamics that no longer serve you come up for review, or that your thoughts and feelings around relationships are changing.

Schedule for the Partial Lunar Eclipse of the Full Moon in Libra, March 25, 2024

City Penumbra Begins Maximum Eclipse Partial Ends
Bogotá 02:07 UTC 05:17 UTC 07:00 UTC
Buenos Aires 04:07 UTC 07:17 UTC 09:00 UTC
Mexico City 00:07 UTC 03:17 UTC 05:00 UTC
Madrid 05:07 UTC 08:17 UTC 10:00 UTC
Miami 01:07 UTC 04:17 UTC 06:00 UTC
New York 02:07 UTC 05:17 UTC 07:00 UTC
Paris 05:07 UTC 08:17 UTC 10:00 UTC
Santiago 02:07 UTC 05:17 UTC 07:00 UTC
São Paulo 03:07 UTC 06:17 UTC 08:00 UTC

Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She serves as an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire.

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