New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra,

The energy has changed throughout September. It began with a powerful retrograde energy current running through the cosmos, which always slows down time and forces us to take a moment to reflect and deal with issues from the past.

New Moon in Libra September 2022

Retrograde energy can cause fog or haze that affects our judgment and clouds our reasoning.

The purpose of this fog is to pull us inward and cause us to pay attention to our inner world rather than our surroundings.

The strong retrograde energy has been our call to go inward and delve into the depths of our inner being, as our inner world is full of wisdom, insights and intuitive understanding.

September Equinox

The Equinox, which occurs in September and marks the midpoint of the astrological year, ushers in an energy shift.

Also, as we begin to realize that the end of the year is fast approaching, just getting to September can sometimes be a bit stressful.

The ebb and flow of September energy can take some getting used to and we may feel out of place. But the Universe always gives the remedy we need and this time, the Libra New Moon is our curative.

New Moon

This New Moon, which peaks on September 25, offers open, spacious and peaceful energy and serves as a reminder to focus on establishing our balance. The cosmic music of this New Moon is uplifting, gentle and designed to help us resonate with our highest selves.

In the darkness of the New Moon, consider how and where your energy is most effectively employed. Where can I serve most effectively?

Your energy is a valuable resource and although if life occasionally forces us to confront events, we always have a choice-even a small one-about how we respond to them and how much they will drain or revitalize us.


The sweetness of this New Moon is enhanced by Jupiter, the planet of growth, opportunity and abundance, which is especially active during this time.

This New Moon has a strong enlightening influence from Jupiter, which helps us to see things more clearly and from a higher point of view.

Jupiter’s enchanting energy encourages us to see the bright side of things as they become clearer to us, regardless of what catches our eye.

Jupiter was known as the Great Benefic by ancient astrologers because its planetary energy was believed to bring luck, goodwill and fortune. Everything Jupiter expanded was thought to be for our better spiritual development and advancement.

The new moon is considered to be a potent doorway of manifestation and a time when we should draw things to ourselves. There is a truly wonderful opportunity to call forth our best aspirations and desires at this time when the vast energy of Jupiter is added to the mix.

Make a point to set intentions for what you want to call forth during this New Moon. Keep in mind that your writing should come from the heart, not the ego.

Keep an open mind as you set your goals, as you never know how the universe and the influence of powerful Jupiter may lead you down unexpected paths.

Libra New Moon Energies

The Libra New Moon energies also urge us to focus on simplicity. During this period, be careful what you choose to take on and try to keep things simple rather than getting caught up in all the minor details or “what if” scenarios.

This New Moon would encourage us to simplify our lives if it could speak. I would advise you: to try to laugh at yourself or circumstances if you can and try to see the lightness in whatever burdens are pressing down on you.

You must forgive yourself and let go of whatever is weighing you down. Think more clearly and concisely. Allow your being to radiate lightness about anything in your life that seems difficult.

After this New Moon, the Eclipse Season officially begins on October 25 with the next New Moon.

Enjoy the particularly pleasant vibes of this month’s New Moon, as the Eclipse Season is usually a period of transformation, new beginnings and endings. Know that the Season of Eclipses will provide further clarification if something feels unfinished or if there is more to the story.

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