Within the cosmic dance, Aquarius arises as a whispering breeze, bearer of visions and dreams. Its essence, as fluid as water, ushers in innovation and rebellion. A free spirit dancing with the stars, Aquarius, an air sign, is a living enigma, a soul that defies the conventional and embraces the impossible.

New Moon in Aquarius


The arrival of the New Moon in Aquarius on February 9 not only marks the beginning of the Lunar Year but also immerses us in the vibrant Year of the Dragon according to Chinese astrology. This period promises good fortune, where obstacles become stepping stones towards success and self-confidence.


Aquarius: A Month of Change and Surprise

Acuario / Aquarius

February is full of surprises and transformations under the influence of Aquarius. With the Sun transiting this sign, governed by Saturn and Uranus, we anticipate a period of unexpected and exciting changes. Mercury, Venus, and Mars starting in Capricorn, move into Aquarius, marking a significant shift in how we experience life and attune to the future.

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