Aquarius Full Moon

Aquarius Full Moon,

We are already beginning to feel the power of the Full Moon in our lives, exactly three days before it formed. Whatever manifests, occurs, or begins with the New Moon in Leo on July 28 requires to resolve, determination, structuring and planning.

Full Moon in Aquarius, August 2022

The Mars/Uranus/Moon node alignment has left us with a surprise or a great idea, but it begins to leave us with the flavor that everything happens for positive reasons and always comes with hidden blessings before the disaster.

The more you resist change, the more dramatic its effects will be.

Uranus and Mars propel us into the beyond

When I resist change, disaster happens. For many, it was a revelation that we now can see more clearly and find the formulas to make it happen. A lot of creativity is driven by these alignments.

Although the Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Leo square Uranus and the nodes in Taurus, they are also at 2° to Saturn in Aquarius, on track in exact alignment with this Grand Master, Lord of the Earth, the rings and Karma.


Saturn is the basis of all spiritual development in its truest form, through the limitations and necessary lessons it imposes upon us. Just as the energy of Uranus seeks freedom beyond all limits, Saturn itself reminds us that with genuine freedom comes responsibility.

Saturn precedes Uranus and only gives us freedom after that person decides to assume the responsibility that comes with it. We could say that Uranus challenges Saturn’s strength, his particularity and his hardness.

However, it is the Lord of the Rings that always reminds us of who we are. He seems to say to us, “You are who you are.” In this reality, we can even do the unexpected. If we do not yet cross our boundaries, we do not grow, we do not evolve.

Still, it is important to connect with the Saturn archetype that asks us for order, integrity, dedication, perseverance, acceptance of limits and seriousness, but beware, satisfaction, the humor of Saturn is one of the best. He knows how to laugh at himself.

In the words of Dane Rudhyar:

“The Moon is the song of the resurrected past, striving toward belated fulfillment, striving toward the Heart of the Sun.

The lunar tides scan the cyclic efforts of the human soul, awakened from its Spirit-intoxicated dreams to fulfill the redemptive pattern provided by God so that the unregenerate substance left over from the past can integrate with Spirit.”

What a poet!

The Moon is in opposition to the Sun (Full Moon)

But in square to the Lunar Nodes, it forces us to contemplate, to encounter what we have done and what we have yet to do, it gives us the inner tools we will need for our path towards our evolution.

The evolutionary impulse of the soul is inevitable and unstoppable, so stagnation is not an option. This Full Moon reminds us:

No matter how comfortable we may be in our present situation, if we do not listen to our souls’ calls and their evolutionary needs, we will encounter cataclysms. It is always best to keep the channels of the soul open to listening to its need for evolution.

Chiron forms a trine to the Sun and a sextile to the Moon

This wise centaur reminds us (as the good son of Saturn that he is) that hurts and pains are manageable.

We may not be able to control what happens outside of us, but our emotions, our painful memories and our pain, we can, if we learn to do so with dedication and hard work. It’s a matter of the four vital steps:

  • Acknowledge
  • Accept
  • Respect
  • Honor

Chiron is also a master at achieving these four steps, which are so fundamental in the process of becoming who we are or who we have become.

Mars and Pluto are in a trine

This weekend we will be empowered to manage our emotions and finances. Inner wisdom will tell us what to do, trust it.

Above all remember that not everyone is interested in delving into their emotions and nature. We are not all in the same state of consciousness nor are we all at the same evolutionary level.

With the Moon conjunct Saturn, we must overcome the temptation to feel the truth, to judge those who seem to be on the other side of the street, with experiences and opinions contrary to our own.

Grand Cross in fixed signs

The Moon, the Sun and the Nodes form a Great Cross in fixed signs, even if you know nothing about astrology, this sentence alone can demonstrate the nature of this archetype: very stubborn, very rigid and very difficult to accept the truth of others.

That will be the way to go, always reminding ourselves of the need for Patience, Acceptance and above all Love, lots of Love, for ourselves and others. Even if it costs.

This is the path we must follow, always reminding ourselves of the need for Patience, Acceptance and, above all, Love for ourselves and others, lots of Love… even if it costs us.

With this Full Moon in Aquarius, it is a reminder that we all have a diamond within us and that when we come together as a group to polish that diamond, we find that our diamonds will shine brighter.

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This article has been adapted and translated by / Source: Cristina Laird´s Astrology

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