Retrograde Mercury in Taurus

Retrograde Mercury in Taurus,

Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun and the smallest in the solar system, was named by the Romans after Hermes, the God of mischief, thieves and cunning in Greek mythology.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus: an opportunity to reevaluate our decisions and improve our communication skills

According to legend, just hours after his birth, Mercurio demonstrated his skill by escaping from his crib, stealing cattle from his brother Apollo, inventing the lyre and returning to his crib as if nothing had happened.

The fact that Mercury orbits the Sun in just 88 days and aligns with the Earth 3 to 4 times a year could partly explain the reason why the Romans decided to name the planet this way.

The Romans, who considered the planets divine, carried out an exhaustive investigation of their cycles, following the inspiration of the Babylonians, who produced a large number of astronomers and astrologers in ancient times.

Since ancient times, the sky has been an inexhaustible source of interest and fascination for humanity. The search for meaning in planetary movements and cycles is an inherent part of our nature and has been present throughout human history.

This cunning planet deceives us three times a year, making us believe that it goes backward for about three weeks, in a phenomenon that we know as “retrogradation”, although, in reality, it is an optical illusion.

Despite this, we have attached great meaning to this movement which all planets experience at least once a year, except Venus and Mars, which retrograde every 18 months and two years, respectively.

This apparent investment in their trajectory occurs when the Earth, our home, aligns with them as we orbit the Sun in an Earth year.

Why does the retrogression of Mercury in Taurus force you to reflect on your decisions and values?

Find out how this astrological event can impact your finances and communications.

Because of Mercury’s association with the communication, language, procedures, education, the left hemisphere of the brain and our mental abilities, among others, it is believed that every time this small planet is positioned retrograde, everything begins to “lag” in our daily lives.

This situation pushes us to review our decisions and pay more attention to our thoughts and actions. The sensation starts from the beginning of Mercury’s pre-shadow period which is the moment when the planet goes through the degree to which it will retreat. In this case, those are the 5 degrees of Taurus.

Mercury has been parked in the 15th degree of Taurus to begin its apparent retrograde movement which indicates that something has stopped these days, especially in financial terms, since Taurus is a sign associated with this topic.

It would be wise to check that there are no errors in our payments and receipts and to read the contracts carefully before signing them, as it is easy to make mistakes or be deceived in these matters. It wouldn’t hurt to review our bank movements.

However, beyond these external aspects, it seems that this Mercury retrograde period is asking us to re-analyze our decisions and values internally.

For the next three weeks, it’s important to pay attention to our communications, especially at work and in our personal relationships, as communication may be misinterpreted or there may be misunderstandings.

It is recommended to be more clear and precise in our conversations and to check twice before sending any email or message. A good time to reflect on our skills and knowledge and think about how we can improve our education and our daily lives.

It is interesting to see how astrology can be a tool for reflecting on social and political issues.

Indeed, the alignment between Jupiter and Eris during this period may represent an increase in tensions on the issue of migration and refugees worldwide and it is important to pay attention to how this situation is managed.

It is necessary to seek humanitarian and just solutions for these people who seek safety and protection.

Tips for Surviving Mercury Retrograde: How to avoid communication and technology problems

Yes, that’s true. During periods of Mercury retrograde, it is common to experience communication, technological and transportation problems. It is possible that our electronic devices fail or that we may have problems with the Internet connection.

We may have traffic delays, canceled flights or last-minute changes to our travel plans. It’s important to be patient and take preventive measures during this time, such as making backup copies of our important data and checking the dates and times of our appointments and meetings.

In addition, it is advisable to be clear and precise in our communication and avoid making assumptions or making important decisions without verifying all the necessary details.

The end of Mercury’s Retrograde will coincide with an important and complex astrological moment with Jupiter in Taurus, squaring Pluto in Aquarius and Mars in Leo.

This aspect can generate tensions and conflicts at the collective level, particularly on issues related to power, control and authority. On the other hand, the sextile of Mercury retrograde to Saturn in Pisces suggests that if we are patient and work with perseverance, we can achieve concrete and lasting results in our goals and projects.

The key is to remain calm and determined in the face of difficulties.

During Mercury’s retrograde post-shadow period which lasts until June 22, we can still feel the effects of this cycle. It is a time to consolidate what we have learned and to move forward with caution in our projects and decisions.

This post-shadow period allows us to reflect on the situations we have faced during retrograde and take steps to solve any problems we have experienced. It is important not to make hasty decisions and to take into account the lessons learned during this cycle.

It’s also possible that new opportunities or ideas may emerge that we haven’t considered before and it’s important to evaluate them carefully before taking action.

In short, the post-shadow period of Mercury retrograde is a time to reflect, consolidate and move forward with caution. With patience and awareness, we can take advantage of this cycle to grow and evolve in our personal and professional lives.

What awaits you during Mercury retrograde in Taurus in 2023:5 situations to consider

From an astrological point of view, the effects of a phenomenon depend on the planet and the sign in which it occurs.

Since Mercury is an inner planet, its effects are more intense, since it is very close to us. Mercury is the ruler of communication, thinking and technology, so its retrograde impact can cause technological failures, flight delays and misunderstandings, among other things.

However, these effects are general and the specific effects of the sign in which it retrogrades, which in this case is Taurus, are missing. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, governed by Venus and associated with sensuality, stability, practicality and routines.

During Mercury retrograde in Taurus in 2023 we can expect to notice several specific effects, such as:

  1. Stress in terms of money: Since Taurus is associated with the world of finance, this retrograde Mercury can create more stress in financial matters which can be especially noticeable if you feel that you are too tight with your accounts and suddenly there are unexpected expenses.
  2. Identity crisis: we are likely to question if the path we are on is the right one and if we are now really who we want to be. Since Taurus is associated with safety, it’s possible that this transit generates a distorted view of ourselves.
  3. Lots of misunderstandings: Taurus is a foolish and rigid sign which can make us inflexible with others. This can lead to arguments, fights and a lot of disagreements.
  4. Travel delays: This is one of the most common effects of Mercury retrograde. It’s likely to take us longer to get anywhere due to traffic, long lines and flight delays.
  5. Technological glitches: This is one of the strongest effects of Mercury retrograde and can manifest itself in a variety of ways, from not remembering your passwords to unexpected computer shutdowns. The recommendation is to save all your documents and write down your passwords to be prepared.

During Mercury’s retrograde in Taurus in 2023, we can expect to experience stress on issues of money, identity crises, a lot of misunderstandings, travel delays and technological failures. It’s important to consider these effects and be prepared to deal with them in the best possible way.

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