Hurtful Family Members

Hurtful Family Members,

Family relationships can be a constant source of pain and suffering. The family is supposed to be the place where we should feel loved, safe and protected, unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Hurtful family members? How to manage and heal toxic relationships with reflections on the family

In some cases, family members can be hurtful and harmful and the only way to heal is to stay away from them.

It’s important to recognize that not all mothers and fathers love and defend their children unconditionally. Some may be more focused on their own interests and fighting for their personal ideals rather than supporting their children.

Parents may have no interest in their children at all which can be very painful.

Some brothers and sisters can be cruel, abusive and violent. They may feel that they have some right over us. There are family members who betray, steal and speak ill of us, forming bands to discredit us and make us feel as if we were the bad guy in the movie.

Healing Toxic Family Relationships: learn to set limits and get away from what hurts you

It’s likely that the fault may be ours. Sometimes we tend to “romanticize” family relationships and justify the harmful behavior of our family members. It is essential to set limits and move away from what hurts us in order to grow, evolve and heal.

We must not allow toxic family members to steal our energy and happiness. We must be our priority and recognize that sometimes distance is necessary to maintain our mental and emotional health.

There’s nothing wrong with loving our family members but we must learn to love ourselves first.

If you have hurtful family members, don’t hesitate to walk away from them if they no longer add joy to your life. Although it can be difficult, it’s important to recognize that sometimes distance is necessary to heal and grow.

Don’t let toxic family members steal your energy and happiness. Learn to love yourself first and set limits to protect yourself from harm, anger, neglect, hypocrisy and manipulation by family members.