Rosemary Cross Ritual

Rosemary Cross Ritual,

The rosemary cross is a powerful ritual that promises to ward off bad energy and bring prosperity to homes and businesses. Rosemary, an aromatic herb widely used in gastronomy, has been associated with luck and protection due to its energetic properties.

The Rosemary Cross Ritual: a powerful ritual for protection and prosperity in homes and businesses

It is very common to ward off negative energies and promote prosperity and love. However, it should be borne in mind that the rosemary cross ritual should not be taken lightly.

This is one of the most powerful rituals to protect yourself from witchcraft and envy, as well as to attract prosperity to the home.

We recommend doing so if you are moving to a new house or apartment to absorb the energy of the old inhabitants and thus start with renewed energy.

How to do the Rosemary Cross Ritual for spiritual cleansing and to ward off bad vibes

If you feel you are being the victim of witchcraft, curses, envy or gossip, this ritual can help you clear your spiritual field and keep bad vibes away.

To carry out this ritual you will need:

  1. Two medium branches of rosemary
  2. a white circular plate
  3. grain salt
  4. orange blossom lotion or any perfume you have on hand

First, make a bed of salt on the plate and place the two branches of rosemary on top, forming the shape of a cross. Then spray the cross three times with the lotion.

Pray your favorite prayer, a mantra or a statement of intent, what’s really important is the faith that permeates every word you utter.

No one should touch the cross or the salt to prevent them from being contaminated by negative energies. If after performing the ritual, the cross darkens, it means that there is a lot of negative energy in the environment, while if it only dries, it indicates that there is good energy in that place.

Turning Rosemary’s Cross into an Amulet

To do this, you must tie the two branches of rosemary with a red thread forming a cross and activate it by spraying it with your perfume and holding it in your hands. The key is not in the favorite prayer, mantra, or statement of intention you choose but in the faith, you infuse in each word.

This amulet should be hung behind the front door of your house to block the access of negative energies or under your bed if you have nightmares. Remember that this amulet must be changed at least every three months for it to remain effective.

If you’re looking for spiritual protection and cleansing, the rosemary cross ritual can be an effective option. By following the steps indicated and with the necessary precaution, you can ward off negative energies and keep your spiritual field in balance.

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