Mercury Retrograde

Every so often, the planet Mercury seems to stop its motion in the heavens and go retrograde, this is called apparent retrograde motion.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Mercurio Retrógrado en Libra / Mercury Retrograde in Libra

September 9 begins the third Mercury retrograde of the year, which will last until October 2. On September 23, Mercury will begin its retrograde motion in the air sign of Libra and will re-enter the earth sign of Virgo.

Calendar Mercury Retrograde

calendario mercurio retrogrado / calendar mercury retrograde Mercurio Retrógrado

As we always recommend, it is not convenient to sign agreements or contracts when Mercury is retrograde, nor to buy, and above all, to premiere vehicles and electrical appliances. Let’s see then, the dates on which Mercury will be retrograde in this year 2022.

Mercury Retrograde Medal

Medalla de Mercurio Retrógrado / Mercury Retrograde Medal

Mercury creates a six-pointed arc or semicircle during its retrograde phases, which astrologically causes communication problems. The Mercury Retrograde Medal, commonly known as the 12-pointed Star, should be worn upon completion of the star’s translation circuit.