What to Do and What Not to Do During Mercury Retrograde

What to Do and What Not to Do During Mercury Retrograde, InfoMistico.com

In these times of uncertainty and heightened anxiety, the stars may explain. Mercury, known in Greek mythology as Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods, is now moving backward in its orbit, a phenomenon that lasts almost three weeks and stirs the cosmic waters of our daily lives.

Mercury Retrograde: Between Myth and Reality

Hermes, son of Zeus and Maia, symbolized a restless and adventurous nature, being the guardian of paths and companion of travelers. This mythological character, who traded his lyre made of a tortoise shell for the staff of Concord with his brother Apollo, today reminds us of the importance of adaptability and cunning in times of change.

In astrology, Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo, influencing intelligence, communication, and movement. During its retrograde phase, these areas of life are affected, causing minor setbacks and disruptions in our daily routine.

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde in the Technological Era

Careful Handling of Technology

In this era, it is prudent to handle computers and the information stored on them with special care. Technological failures, such as computer viruses, can cause major distractions. If you are considering buying a new device, bear in mind the return policy and make sure it is covered by a warranty.

Clear Communication

Misinterpretations and communication errors are common. It’s a good time to double-check emails before sending them and confirm the details of meetings.

Travel and Commuting

Travel, whether by car or on foot, requires extra attention. You might encounter unexpected detours or delays in transportation. Double-check your itineraries and leave with plenty of time to spare to avoid mishaps.

Mercury retrograde offers a unique opportunity to reflect, review, and reorganize. Although some people may be skeptical about its influence, paying attention to these tips could make this period a bit more manageable.

How to Handle Finances During Mercury Retrograde

Avoiding New Alliances and Agreements

It is recommended not to start new businesses, financial agreements, or investments during this period. Signing contracts, especially for loans, should also be avoided, as it is considered prone to complications and misunderstandings.

Prudence with Documents and Procedures

Business transactions, services, and any activity involving paperwork should be handled with caution. Errors and delays are more likely, which can lead to undesirable outcomes.

Caution with Debts and Expenses

It is advised to avoid excessive indebtedness, such as the use of credit cards, as the flow of money tends to be slow. It is also better to postpone major purchases, like vehicles, to avoid ongoing and costly issues.

Health and Diagnostics

Clinical analyses and exams requiring written results should be postponed if possible, due to the risk of inaccuracies and significant errors.

Proactive Strategies in Times of Mercury Retrograde

Financial Reorganization

This is an ideal time to review and restructure previous financial commitments, such as reorganizing your investment portfolio or renegotiating business agreements. It’s also prudent to evaluate insurance coverages and review credit reports.

Planning Future Purchases

Although it is not the time for big purchases, it is suitable to plan for them. Research and compare prices for computers, vehicles, or real estate, and prepare to act once Mercury resumes its normal course.

Review of Possessions

Take this time to inventory your belongings, eliminate the unnecessary, and make room for the new. This activity can be liberating and offer a sense of renewal and clarity.

Communication in Mercury Retrograde

During the period of Mercury retrograde, personal and romantic relationships often face their share of challenges. Confusion and lack of clarity in daily communication can cause misunderstandings and disrupt established routines.

Caution with Information and Promises

When sharing or receiving information, it is crucial to proceed with caution. Promises made during this time should be taken with reservations. If it’s necessary to make a verbal commitment, it is recommended to reaffirm it once Mercury returns to its direct course.

Relationships During a Birthday in Mercury Retrograde

Those celebrating their birthday under this astrological influence might experience more difficulties than usual in managing everyday objects and oral and written communication. Careful handling of documents and papers is advised, as it is common to lose or not find important information.

A Time for Introspection and Learning

Despite these challenges, Mercury retrograde offers an opportunity for introspective and reflective thought. It is an opportune time to begin studies or research, taking advantage of this natural inclination towards introspection.

Strategies for Healthy Relationships During Mercury Retrograde

Detailed Reading of Documents

It is advisable to read any document that requires signing more carefully. If possible, it is better to refrain from signing important documents until Mercury resumes its direct course.

Clear and Patient Communication

Given that misunderstandings are more likely, striving for clear and patient communication is crucial. Verify and clarify any doubtful information to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Space for Personal Growth

Use this time to reflect on your relationships and personal growth. This phase can be an opportunity to strengthen existing connections and to better understand oneself and others.

As we have seen, Mercury Retrograde does not have to be a period of chaos. With the right information and strategies, you can effectively manage its effects and use this time to improve key aspects of your life.

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