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We will reveal to you the point of benefit that each person has from the moment of birth and favors existence through Karmic Astrology in these times when financial uncertainties, emotional problems and worries seem to triumph over love.

What each astrological sign must do to turn the wheel of fortune

This point of benefit is The Wheel of Fortune.

It is important to pay attention to the special moments that Karmic Astrology identifies because they can help people overcome challenges and find advantageous circumstances in a world where spiritual tensions generate contradictions and sometimes it seems that nothing makes sense.

The point of fortune and the karmic birth chart

The positions of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant are used to determine the point of fortune. These three forces are considered essential to man and have a great impact on the development of his character.

The Moon represents the emotional side, as well as conscious and unconscious reactions, while the Sun represents our spiritual identity and the extent of our capacity to love. What allows us to experience incarnation is the Ascendant, the visible personality.

The Point of Fortune is the link between these three elements. The sensitive point of the Karmic Natal Chart designates the area in which the Sun, Moon and Ascendant can harmoniously express their energies.

It shows us the area of life that gives us the best opportunity to achieve true happiness and the location of our treasure and prosperity.

The wheel of fortune in the signs

We will discuss both the character flaws that can impede your triumphs and the traits each sign possesses to enjoy more fortune. You are always in control.

Aries Sign

If you put your intelligence and creative ability into practice, you will gain wealth and material well-being. Impulsive behavior can lead to difficult times, but having faith in your abilities enables you to overcome any challenge. You will achieve your goal in the end.

If you put an end to anger and intolerance and maintain bold ideas, fairness in your values and compassion for others, the benefits could be greater.

Taurus Sign

Here, the desire for worldly possessions is enhanced and the desire to accumulate excessive wealth can replace the motivation to pursue spiritual and altruistic goals.

This sign and people who choose to be born under its energy can learn from the knowledge of Buddha, who was able to possess without becoming possessed, demonstrating that having generosity does not require being and sharing.

Preservation of natural, cultural and culinary heritage is encouraged, as well as artistic endeavors. Wealth grows along with the propensity to share. All that is offered with love is multiplied.

Gemini Sign

It provides a lot of comfort and diplomacy. Working in groups has benefits as it encourages you to value friendships and develop caring relationships.

Be wary of Gemini’s propensity for duplicity, dishonesty and criticism. Commitment to social communication and fostering just human connections based on respect for individuality, freedom and solidarity is exceptional.

Words that bring people together and make peace bring good luck. The Wheel of Fortune is linked to both material and spiritual fortune, to mysterious opportunities, even in the face of dire circumstances, particularly if the natal moon forms a favorable aspect with the wheel of fortune.

Cancer Sign

People born under the sign of Cancer are considered to have a good star. Possibility of fame and fortune. There are strong ties to the past, a reverence for race, country and one’s land, as well as family heritage and customs.

They can truly see the land as their home. May commit excesses because they are sensitive and somewhat connected and fear losing what gives them meaning in life. Have the capacity for noble humanitarian efforts and feel protective of others who require care and protection.

The best luck is attracted by leading by example and encouraging creativity and freedom.

Leo Sign

This is one of the best placements, as it fosters self-worth and provides direction to achieve goals. Personal charisma and self-confidence provide extra energy to complete tasks.

Your target can be defeated by being arrogant, bossy, or controlling, but also by being constantly dissatisfied with accomplishments. Your chances of success will increase if you develop your unlimited capacity to love and help others to create through creative and professional efforts…

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