Number: 27
Tree of Life: is located in the sphere of Chessed “compassion”
Meaning: “God who punishes the wicked”
Prince: Archangel Tsadkiel
Regency hours: from 08:40 to 09:00 (from sunrise that day)
Regency (Jewish calendar): 7 to 11 Av 5780
Regency (Gregorian calendar) ↓ July 28 to August 1, 2020. Other regency days in the year 2020: April 15, June 26, September 6, November 17 and January 28 2021
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Angel 27 Yerathel

  • It brings prosperity and abundance, both material and spiritual. He is an Angel of grace and blessing.
  • Teaches us to see the positive in all situations and fills the soul with optimism and joy of life.
  • Possesses the quality to associate with the light and exchanges severity for harmony.
  • This angel possesses the quality of forgiveness and reconciliation, although it is commonly invoked to drive away enemies and confuse them to avoid receiving any harm from them.
  • Protection against those who provoke and attack us unjustly.
  • To live in peace, in a just environment and among wise men.
  • This angel is linked to the virtues of Zeus, justice and power.

How to invoke the Angel Yerathel

The invocation of the Angel Yerathel must be between 8:40 and 9:00 (from sunrise on that day)

To invoke his strength and power, first pray Psalm 140, Verse 2, then call his name and finally make the specific request you want to make to him.

It is recommended that petitions as thanks be made on days when the moon is in its rising phases, it is not appropriate to do so even at full moon and avoid the waning moon altogether. For very important requests preferably learn how to use your schedule.

Born under the regency to the Angel Yerathel

  • Those born under the influence of this angel are vigorous, active, simple, and unwavering people who seek to turn away from vices, anger, and hatred.
  • On the other hand, their free nature and their constant need for change and evolution, does not prevent them from managing a perfect balance in their lives.
  • Despite being tough individuals, their words rarely lend themselves to misunderstanding.
  • He is intelligent, balanced and mature. He manages to balance his individual instincts, accepting, without necessarily following the advice and demonstrations of affection of all.
  • He has strong initiative and perseverance. His life is clear and full of joy.
  • Has a noble and refined appearance. He will have protection against any kind of negative force and his power of action will be invincible.
  • Will do everything in a lucid and thoughtful way and that is why his initiatives are successful.
  • Will have an enormous capacity to know the future through oracles, dreams or projections, constantly revalidating his attitudes.
  • He will be an advocate of science and the arts and will be able to mobilize a large number of people for an ideal.
  • Professionally, those influenced by Yeratel will hold high positions or work in the fields of diplomacy or law. In spite of this, they will manage to stand out in any profession they choose.
  • They will be able to be a writer, journalist, social worker, or develop in professions linked to culture and pleasure.

Negative aspects of the Angel Yerathel

Ignorance, intolerance and violence are rampant. It will defend authoritarian systems and support the abuse of work for minimal pay. He will be able to practice barbaric acts and live in a utopian world.

Psalm of invocation Angel Yerathel

“Deliver me, O Lord, from the evil man; keep me from violent men.”

Psalm 140:2

Yerathel: “Bad, The Bad”

Malon was by no means what we might call a good boy, but on the contrary, his evil was so great that fame preceded him wherever he went. He was well known and feared in all the neighborhoods and no one wanted him as a schoolmate.

This contempt made the wicked Malon even angrier than he was already in the habit of doing and revealing himself by violent acts, destroying everything that came in his way.

On a couple of occasions the guards of the order had to intervene, and on one occasion they arrested him, but they only put fear into him and soon released him.

But Malón would not be deterred by the threats of the police, and he continued to spread terror wherever he went.

One morning, he paid a visit to the school, surprising all those who passed him by. His appearance was disastrous. He gave the impression that he had slept in the clothes he was wearing.

His hair was dishevelled, and on his face one could see that he had not been in contact with water for days, perhaps months.

Everyone was moving away from him when he approached, but he didn’t seem to care much about it that day.

Following his instinct he went into one of the classes and once inside he sat down at a desk. Suddenly, as if it were an infectious plague, everyone left his side, leaving him completely alone and isolated.

But in an unexpected way and surprising even Malon himself, a boy approached him and with a friendly smile on his lips, he said:

– May I sit with you?

That request made the despised and feared Malon stutter, and while still under the effects of his surprise, he answered:

– Yes, yes, you may sit down.

– Well, I think we will be good friends, my name is Yerathel – I comment boldly on your new companion.

– What makes you think I want to be your friend? – I ask serenely Malon.

– I have nothing against you. I do not consider you to be my enemy, nor do I think that you will ever be one, since even if you slander me, deceive me, or even punish me, I will not consider it an offence. I will think that perhaps I have deserved it.

Those words managed to make the sleepy heart of that unfortunate boy beat again, who until now had felt rejected and despised by everyone. This mysterious boy, with his sincerity, had won her trust and made her feel like a living being again.

Since that day, Malon and his friend Yerathel lived very close and taught others that love must be offered to all beings, even if sometimes they appear with the face of the enemy.

** About the days of the regency of the Angel 27 Yerathel

The published dates are modified every year and are related when the Angel 27 Yerathel is in charge in the year 2020-2021 and not the date when you were born.

Angels do not have a fixed regency date (it changes every year) and their beginning is determined by the 0º degree of Aries. Therefore it always changes, like the days of birth that are not always the same day of the month. Is that understood?

If it was not calculated correctly in the year you were born, the precise time of sunrise, winter and summer time (where there is this condition) has the wrong numbers and names of your guardian angels.

If you want to know the exact numbers and names of your birth angels you can request our services of precise manual calculation…

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