Angel Number 33 Yehuiah

Angel Number 33 Yehuiah,

Number: 33
Tree of Life: is located in the Geburah sphere “Severity”
Planetary energies: Mars and Uranus
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Zodiac Regency: from 10° to 15° Virgo, 1° Taurus, 13° Cancer, 24° Virgo, 7° Sagittarius and 19° Aquarius
Meaning: “God who knows all things”
Prince: Archangel Camael
Regency hours: from 10:40 to 11:00

Angel 33 Yehuiah

  • Yehuiah helps us to eliminate our dark side.
  • Positivism and good energy characterize them and those influenced by the power of the angel Yehuiah are distinguished by having an enterprising and creative spirit and can carry out almost any project they set their minds to.
  • It is a name of great strength, will and determination.
  • This Name and angel purify our souls and eliminate our complexes and traumas.
  • It gives us the power to face the trials that await us on the road.
  • It gives us great energy for our spiritual progress.
  • This angel is related to wisdom and knowledge of all things.
  • It should be invoked to destroy the projects of our enemies, as well as to receive protection in our plans.
  • Protects against the lurks of the wicked and eliminates our dark side.
  • It protects against the temptation to rebel and fights legitimate powers.

How to invoke the Angel Yehuiah (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 10:40 to 11:00
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 14-18 Elul, 5783
  • Regency gregorian calendar: August 27-31, April 21, July 4, September 15, November 30 and February 9
  • To learn how to invoke and meditate with the 72 Names of God visit the following link »

Hebrew Letter Angel Yehuiah

Angel Number 33 Yehuiah,


Remove My Dark Side

Psalm 92, Verse 6

Angel Number 33 Yehuiah,
How great are your works, O Lord! How deep are your thoughts

Characteristics of people born under the regency of the Angel Yehuiah

  • They are assiduous enemies of lies and betrayal, which is why they do not usually surround themselves with many people, preferring quality over quantity.
  • Rational, affectionate, sensitive and temperamental.
  • Used by the Angelic world and their fight will always be to defend the good.
  • Understanding, sympathetic and loving, they will be always well-related and will have the recognition of all.
  • Will know how to control his inner world by adapting himself to reality and not allowing illusions to overtake him.
  • Strive to develop his spiritual tendencies, which are of the highest degree of elevation.
  • Beneficent to his fellow men, enlightening them with his good deeds.
  • Shall strive so that people are not ignorant, contributing with classrooms or financial resources for this good cause.
  • They are good friends and should be very cautious when choosing a partner because they need a quiet home to have a balanced personality.
  • Professionally, they will be optimistic, combative and orderly people, which stand out in the administrative fields, teachers, psychologists and social workers or will be linked to the exact sciences.

Negative Aspects (Angel Qlifot 33)

Dominated by insubordination, intolerance and lack of scruples. He will be obsessed with the conquest of material goods. He will be an unbearable charlatan and will not inspire confidence because of his lack of character.

Reflective Story

“The courage of a warrior”

The arrival of the great warrior was heralded by the resounding trumpet blasts from the palace. As a result of his brave deeds and victories in war, the one before him became a legend in the eyes of the populace, who praised his bravery and splendor.

Yehuiah was adored by all. He was revered by the monarchs and the gods bestowed their majesty and favor upon him. Many believed that he was the chosen one and had received the supernatural gift of immortality.

On that day of honors, Yehuiah would be crowned Prince of all Armies and Supreme Guardian of Order. With those decorations, he surpassed all expectations of bravery and courage.

In his final battles, Yehuiah managed to defeat all the adversaries of the kingdom, providing his monarch with peace. The whole area experienced these pleasant days and continued to do so for years.

Peace was followed by a resurgence of abundance and prosperity. Everyone lived together in harmony and prosperity and there was an air of health and well-being.

People became quite anxious when the peace that had first been a joyful experience began to change to a drab scenario, especially those who were accustomed to warlike action.

Because of this, a malevolent plan was being worked out behind Yehuiah’s back to try to kill him in any way possible. His lieutenant, a trustworthy fellow, organized this treachery when he noticed that his respected commander was becoming a fragile and cowardly individual.

Thanks to his ingenuity, he managed to gather six men to whom he made honorable promises of enormous wealth in exchange for their help in ending Yehuiah’s life. Those men helped the traitor to carry out his plan because they lacked morals and were driven by the desire for power.

They sneaked into Yehuiah’s private quarters unobserved by anyone, taking advantage of the darkness of the night to disappear into the shadows.

At the time, he was sleeping and was oblivious to the danger that awaited him. It did not take the traitors long to pass the guard and they headed toward where the body of the brave warrior lay.

Yehuiah, who was in the world of dreams, felt a voice warning him as the dagger of the evildoer approached his heart:

—Rise, Yehuiah, your life is in danger.

He rose from the bed and thrust his sword, surprising the assassins who were trying to kill him. Fear gave wings to the traitors, so there was no need to fight.

The next morning, Yehuiah revealed the riddle and accused his lieutenant of having betrayed him. He could have put him to death for what he did, but he preferred to keep the peace and let him leave the city so that he could not return.

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