Archangel Camael

Archangel Camael,

Archangel Camael offers support to those who are lonely and lack love and respect. Compassion brings people to reunion and peace. He protects against cravings and removes the bitter taste in our lives.

Archangel Camael — Against fear and uneasiness

Camael is an archangel whose mission is to paralyze and stop people’s fear and anxiety. Fear is the worst enemy a person can face to achieve happiness.

He helps us in moments of change in our lives when fear confuses us and we have to make a decision when we believe that the doors to our spiritual and personal growth are blocked.

When we believe that the doors to our spiritual and personal growth are blocked. He lends us his help and puts an end to our doubts and fears to open the door to the unknown so that we can see clearly where our peace of mind lies.

In this way, he helps us to see what is our part of the light and what is our part of darkness, thus changing our duality and uniting us with the divine light.

Camael helps us to know ourselves in detail

To get to the deepest part of us, where sometimes there are dark areas that prevent us from being free, with his great help we can see for ourselves what is the positive and negative part of us and thus be able to change everything that we do not accept about ourselves.

Meaning of Camael

Camael means “He who sees God”. He fought with Jacob and also appeared to the Master Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane.

Prayer to Archangel Camael

Dear Archangel Camael,
I love and bless you.

Please have me sealed in the pillar the rose,
fire of love and adoration to God until it becomes
contagious to all life I come in contact with today and forever.
today and always.


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With information from El Mundo Newspaper

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