Angel Number 38 Haamiah

Angel Number 38 Haamiah,

Number: 38
Tree of Life: Geburah sphere “Severity”
Planetary energies: Mars and Venus
Zodiac sign: Libra
Zodiac Regency: 5° to 10° Libra, 6° Taurus, 18° Cancer, 29° Virgo, 12° Sagittarius and 24° Aquarius
Meaning: “God’s hope of the creatures of the earth”
Prince: Archangel Camael
Regency hours: 12:20 to 12:40

Angel 38 Haamiah: Connecting with the Energy of Sharing

The Angel Haamiah shines brightly, guiding our paths both spiritually and physically. He serves as the representative of understanding and empathy, allowing those under his care to understand and appreciate different life perspectives beyond religious or cultural barriers.

Think of him as a bridge between various belief systems. His essence encourages us to look beyond differences and recognize the unity and connection between all celestial and earthly manifestations.

Hope and faith are the jewels of his crown. Haamiah acts as a shield, protecting us from negative influences ranging from harmful spirits to scams and physical dangers. If you ever find yourself facing earthly challenges, call upon his protection and guidance.

Yet, his power extends beyond the spiritual realm. Kabbalists believe this angel shields us from negative and malicious energies. He stands against dark magic, breaks toxic bonds, confronts adversities, and neutralizes threats.

While some might see him as a magical guardian, his true gift is teaching us the importance of empathy, understanding, and unity in our diverse and intricate world.

How to invoke the Angel 38 Haamiah (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 12:20 to 12:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 18 to 22 Elul, 5784
  • Gregorian calendar regency: September 21 to 25, April 26, July 7, September 17, November 28 and February 8

Dates indicated refer to the year of regency approximately to the year 2024. The physical angel determines the position of the Sun by quinary (set of five degrees) in your birth chart. The emotional angel by the position of the sun by zodiac degree and the mental angel depends on the actual local time of birth. A precise calculation is needed. If you are interested in actually discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here

Angel Number 38 Haamiah,

Hebrew Letter Angel 38 Haamiah

Angel Number 38 Haamiah,


Acquiring Sharing Quality

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Psalm 91, Verse 9

Angel Number 38 Haamiah,
“Because thou hast made the Lord thy refuge and hast made the Highest thy defense.”

Angel 38 Haamiah and Those Born Under His Influence

Individuals born under the influence of Haamiah possess a unique sensitivity. They can sense the subtle vibrations that nature emits, whether from plants, animals, or even humans. This ability provides them with a deep and connected perspective on the world around them.

These individuals are naturally curious and are drawn to knowledge in all its forms. They steer clear of dogma and fanaticism, seeking spiritual peace in the diversity and depth of knowledge. Their self-taught nature allows them to achieve a heightened awareness and intelligence, which they use in service to the divine.

They have a divine mission: to unify various religions into one, advocating for a universal understanding of the spirit. With an almost supernatural intuition, they can offer solutions to complex problems. Furthermore, they are passionate advocates for individual freedoms and fiercely oppose prejudice and ignorance.

Although they are often drawn to the unusual or eccentric, they have an open mind, capable of understanding and accepting concepts that others might find puzzling. Valuing stability, they avoid rash actions and abrupt changes. Their destiny is to uplift the human spirit, challenging negativity and defending divinity with truth as their shield.

Their affinity for the esoteric means they are likely to become spiritual guides, ritualists, or even researchers in advanced scientific fields. Given the chance, they can make significant contributions in areas like technology or nuclear research. Additionally, some are believed to possess telepathic abilities, allowing them to delve into the depths of the unknown.

Angel Haamiah represents spiritual search, understanding, and the defense of truth. Those under his wing are destined to lead purposeful lives, guiding others toward light and knowledge. With an open mind and a passionate heart, they embark on a journey to uncover the divine essence in everyday existence.

Negative Angel 38: Count Halphas

Count Halphas, listed as spirit number 38 in the famous list of the 72 demons of King Solomon, rules over 26 legions of demons. Halphas possesses abilities that, at first glance, may seem destructive or defensive but, upon closer examination, reveal surprising complexity and depth.

The evocation of Halphas, which must be performed with deep respect and knowledge of demonological practices, can result in the construction of towers and fortifications around the invoker. This manifestation, far from being a simple architectural metaphor, reflects an astral construction of protection, designed to safeguard against spiritual or energetic attacks.

Halphas’s specialty in strength is not limited to the physical; it extends his domain to the mental and spiritual fortitude of the individual. Equipping these astral towers with weapons and guardians is not only an act of protection but a symbol of the preparation and power an individual can achieve through the study and respectful practice of demonology. This focus on fortification is relevant not only for personal defense but also underscores the importance of building and maintaining a solid astral essence, a crucial aspect for those who delve into esoteric studies.

The representations of Halphas vary, commonly associated with the image of a stork or a dove. This duality in representation can be interpreted in various ways, but an interesting reading is to see it as a symbol of transformation and adaptability; essential qualities for those seeking to understand and work with demonic entities safely and ethically. The hoarse voice with which Halphas is said to communicate adds an element of authority and power to his presence, reinforcing his status as a great Count.

Demonology, despite the myths and misunderstandings surrounding it, is a field of study that demands a serious and ethical approach. Practicing without the necessary knowledge or respect is not only irresponsible but dangerously reckless. Herein lies the importance of education and the demystification of demonology.

Providing a clear and accurate understanding of entities like Halphas not only enriches the field of study but promotes a safer and more respectful approach to these ancient practices.

Legend of Angel Haamiah

The Disappearance of the Sacred Key in Marve: A New Dawn Thanks to Prince Virtue?

Marve is in crisis. Its famous Sacred Key has vanished, leaving everyone powerless. This lack of power has plunged the kingdom into darkness. King Blumir strives to maintain control as night prevails.

Shadow monsters from hellish realms seek to conquer Marve. They are well-trained and outnumber Blumir’s forces. Amid this scenario, hope arises the need to retrieve the Key of Power.

An urgent council convenes. An elder suggests, “King Blumir, the solution might be in stopping the Shadows. However, it’s a risky challenge.” The king, determined, replies, “Let’s choose the purest man for the task.” To everyone’s surprise, the purest man is the king’s own son, Prince Virtue.

Despite the dangers, Virtue agrees. His mission: to find Oracle Haamiah and uncover the Eternal Truth’s Fire. The Oracle sets forth a riddle: if Virtue answers correctly, he’ll obtain the fire; if not, he’ll lose his life.

After a three-day journey, Virtue reaches the Oracle’s temple. Without hesitation, Haamiah presents his riddle. After deep thought, Virtue answers, referring to the eastern direction and Eternal Transmutation. Pleased, Haamiah hands over the Eternal Truth’s Fire.

With the Fire in his possession, Marve regains the light. Now, each morning, the kingdom faces the east, awaiting dawn and remembering their victory over darkness.

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