Angel Number 38 Haamiah

Angel Number 38 Haamiah,

Number: 38
Tree of Life: it is located in the Geburah sphere “Severity”
Planetary energies: Mars and Venus
Zodiac sign: Libra
Zodiac Regency: from 5° to 10° Libra, 6° Taurus, 18° Cancer, 29° Virgo, 12° Sagittarius and 24° Aquarius
Meaning: “God’s hope of the creatures of the earth”
Prince: Archangel Camael
Regency hours: from 12:20 to 12:40

Angel 38 Haamiah

  • This name helps us and teaches us to share better.
  • Perhaps it is one of the angels that cover more ground, because its manifestations transcend the material and spiritual field, as it gives its guardians the ability to understand all points of view, regardless of religion, creed, or race.
  • This angel can be interpreted as the perfect understanding of man toward the different religions and celestial manifestations.
  • The angel Haamiah is related to hope and faith over the earthly, so it is invoked to protect us from evil spirits, weapons, frauds and ferocious animals.
  • Also to consolidate our projects and receive earthly and heavenly rewards.
  • The kabbalists affirm that it protects from the primitive ignorant spirits.
  • His extraordinary power is indicated to stop works of black magic, cut unhealthy relationships, frighten enemies and conjure all kinds of negative actions.
  • The gifts it confers, then, are magical rather than spiritual.

How to invoke the Angel Haamiah (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 12:20 to 12:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 6-10 of Tishri,  5784
  • Regency Gregorian calendar: September 21-25, April 26, July 9, September 20, December 5 and February 14
  • To learn how to invoke and meditate with the 72 Names of God visit the following link »

Hebrew Letter Angel Haamiah

Angel Number 38 Haamiah,


Acquiring Sharing Quality

Psalm 91, Verse 9

Angel Number 38 Haamiah,
“Because thou hast made the Lord thy refuge and hast made the Highest thy defense.”

Characteristics of people born under the regency of the Angel Haamiah

  • Those born under the tutelage of this angel are fragile, sensitive and very emotional people, who manage to capture every vibration that nature manifests through plants, animals and human behavior.
  • Sincere, passionate and meditative, they are usually enemies of all dogma or fanaticism, because they find in the variety of knowledge the spiritual peace that rejoices them.
  • Persons born under their regency will serve God through their great intelligence and conscience acquired through studies, mainly as self-taught.
  • The wisdom will be used by God for the unification of religions, forming a universalist religion.
  • Will resolve the problems of all people using his prodigious intuition. He will be a fierce advocate of individual freedoms and will fight against preconceptions.
  • They will have a great facility in accepting many things that others find surprising or incomprehensible. You will be attracted to eccentric people but will detest possessiveness.
  • Do not like anything rash and do not like to change pre-established plans.
  • Will fight with people who cultivate the low mafia and will defend the divine with the most powerful of weapons: the truth. His mission on earth is to elevate the human being.
  • Professionally he will have a vocation for esoteric matters.
  • They will be a great legislator of the Divine science, an excellent ritualist and possessor of a splendid culture.
  • Will show the truth in celebrations or his daily work.
  • His mind, which goes beyond frontiers, will be apt for scientific research.
  • If he has opportunities to study, he will be famous for his discoveries in the technological or nuclear area, or he will use his powers of telepathy to penetrate the frontiers of the occult.

Negative Aspects (Angel Qliphoth 38)

Dominates the error, fanaticism, irritation and lies. The person under the influence of this genius will go against moral and religious principles, making sacrilegious paintings. He will be inflexible, will not accept criticism and will judge himself uniquely to decide about things.

Reflective Story Angel Haamiah

“The Fire of Eternal Truth”

The kingdom of Marve had earned a bad reputation. Sacred Key, which was protected by the Twelve Elders, inexplicably vanished, rendering powerless all the individuals who lived and depended on that Power and its ruler was no longer able to lead it wisely.

Since that terrible day, the Light that guided them has dispersed so weakly that they are now prisoners of the night, which can only imply one thing: perversion.

The monsters of the shadows came from the infernal depths shielded by the power of darkness and wished to conquer that wretched realm. The armies of darkness organized legions and were excellent warriors trained in murder, so the conflict was vigorous but unequal.

King Blumir was helpless in the circumstance. Even if they were brave, his men were at a disadvantage against that army of assassins. Hoi’s advisors could not locate the Key of Power, there was still a way out.

Getting it was quite impossible, but they had to try, so they met with the king to discuss how to proceed.

King Blumir, take action! — replied one of the elders. — There is a chance to stop the invasion of the Shadows, but understand that the task is extremely risky.

— No matter how serious the threat. Select the bravest man and explain the mission to him. — Said the king.

— Know, Your Majesty, that it must not be the fiercest man, but the purest and that man is your son,” replied the old man.

Although King Blumir’s face had changed, he nodded in response to the request, for he knew better than to be carried away by his emotions.

Prince Virtue, King Blumir’s son, was informed of the risks of the mission. He was to meet with the Oracle Haamiah to locate the Fire of Eternal Truth.

If he was able to solve its riddles, he would have accomplished his goal; however, if he failed, he would have to give up his life.

Virtue arrived at the temple where she was to meet Haamiah after three day’s journey.

An inner voice said to him, “Come in, boy, I have been waiting for you. You must not waste any more time as the Shadows are torturing your people.

Young Virtue had not even recovered from his shock before I asked him the first and only question.

Through me, mysteries are made clear to intelligence, allowing men to ponder the wonder of creation. You must turn your face in one of four directions — north, south, east, or west — to learn my secrets.

Virtue remained discerning. After serious thought and searching within himself, he arrived at the following answer:

To the knowing oracle of the east. At that moment, everything has its beginning and not its end because of the Eternal Transmutation, which occurs every day.

— Boy, your mouth is the mouth of wisdom. Take the Fire of Eternal Truth and head straight for your kingdom because nothing evil can do this Power.

Thus, the kingdom of Marve defeated the darkness. From that moment on, he turned his gaze to the east, where the Sun rose every morning and raised the Castle of Truth.

Is Haamiah one of your Kabbalah guardian angels?

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  • Day of birth (emotional angel)
  • Time of birth (mental angel)

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