Angel Number 21 Nelkhael

Number: 21
Tree of Life: is located in the Bina “understanding” sphere
Planetary energies: Saturn and Sun
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Zodiac Regency: from 10° to 15° Cancer, 20° Aries, 1° Cancer, 12° Virgo, 26° Scorpio and 7° Aquarius
Meaning: “One and only God”
Prince: Archangel Tsaphkiel
Regency hours: from 06:40 to 07:00

Angel 21 Nelkhael

  • This name allows you to see shortcuts to not waste time in life and to finish what you start.
  • When your strength is exhausted, it allows you to connect with a second breath and reach the end.
  • Nelkhael expresses the Beauty of the Cosmic Law that brings harmony, proportion and balance.
  • Helps to attract the force of Light to destroy evil at its root.
  • The energy of the Angel Nelkhael and the Name manifests the complete balance of the Law, in all its mechanisms of Providence and Rectification.
  • Confers the deep understanding of cosmic dynamics, both in the outer aspect – science, mathematics, esotericism – and in that of the cycles and destiny of the soul.
  • Repairs our connection to the root of our soul.
  • He helps us to restrain our ego and listen to the true deep self.
  • The angel Nelkhael is related to fame and fortune, its invocation must be done to fight against evil spells, to ward off bad energies and slanderers.
  • Destroys the power of evil spirits and liberation from an oppressive situation.
  • It favors the learning of mathematics and abstract sciences.

How to invoke the Angel Nelkhael (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 06:40 to 07:00
  • Regency Jewish calendar: Sivan 29 to Tammuz 3, 5782
  • Regency gregorian calendar: June 28 to July 2, April 9, June 22, September 3, November 18 and January 28
  • To learn how to invoke and meditate with the 72 Names of God visit the following link »

Hebrew Letter Angel Nelkhael

Angel Number 21 Nelkhael,


To Finish What Is Begun

Psalm 18, Verse 50

Angel Number 21 Nelkhael,
Therefore I will praise you among the nations and sing, O Lord, in honor of your name.

Characteristics of people born under the regency of the Angel Nelkhael

  • Those born under the regency of this angel will find in the universe, its mysteries and secrets, all the reasons for their existence.
  • They are optimistic and eager for knowledge, so they will often obtain their greatest achievements in the field of study and research of any kind.
  • It is possible to mention that their greatest achievements will be found in the triumph over ignorance.
  • Shows much severity, moderation in words and balance between the spiritual and the material.
  • Strong leadership skills, self-control and patience.
  • Seek financial stability by pursuing his ideal at any cost, not accepting losses.
  • Gifted with intelligence and imagination, he has maturity and mastery over himself.
  • Always seeks the harmonization of all in the family, although he often feels misunderstood by family members.
  • They tend to be solitary, always in search of their ideal partner.
  • Loves the beautiful and hates the ugly and vulgar.
  • Will be very loved and respected in his work environment, refined, lover of poetry and painting.
  • Likes to give flowers as a gift.
  • Will be able to search scientifically for transcendental knowledge through the reading of ancient texts. His mission will be to unite science and art with religion.
  • They will like to develop their mediumistic drive through the esoteric sciences, but always analytically. He has a personality of the type that they say: “seeing is believing”.
  • Those who are born under the power of this angel are characterized by having a perfect balance between intuition and reason, so it is possible to see them one step ahead of others.
  • The unknown is the engine that drives their lives, as they feel the need to always inquire and explore to get answers.
  • Sincere, disciplined, responsible and persevering.
  • Professionally, they can teach mathematics, geography, philosophy, geometry, administration and computers; they can also work as psychologists or social workers.

Negative Aspects (Angel Qlifot 21)

Dominates error, violence, aggressiveness, ignorance and prejudice. It may facilitate the enactment of erroneous laws. In his vision of the future, there is work only for machines, as he underestimates the human aspect of the business.

Reflective Story

“Calling on the Spirits”

Young Nelkhael was drawn to the unsolved riddles of life from a very young age. He was excited by the idea of being able to converse with the dead, although he had not yet succeeded, at least until that day. After that day, surprises followed. The cemetery was his favorite playground.

That morning, Nelkhael got up very early. The only thing on his mind that day was to go to the library, even though he seemed to be in a hurry to get to an appointment on time.

To permanently talk to the spirits of the dead, he wanted to look for a book that had been recommended to him. He had all the time in the world to read because he was the first person to enter the library.

The title of the book was “Dialogue with the Dead” and he quickly located it.

That restless young man did not look up from the manual once all morning. He did not see that they were about to close because he was so focused on reading the contents of the book. Since he now knew how to communicate with the spirits, it had been worth it and he could no longer afford to waste his time.

Following the directions in the text he had read, he created a chart at home and began to draw on it the alphabet, numbers and some words. This made him laugh a lot and he was eager to put into practice what he had learned. So he carried it out.

Nelkhael summoned the ghosts of the dead. Before they manifested themselves through him, he beckoned them repeatedly.

A mocking spirit that wanted to amuse himself, but took away his ability to express himself, was now in a part of his body where his spirit had once been.

Such an experience gave him pleasure and he kept having it again and again until the day came when he began to understand how dependent he was on that spirit. He felt trapped and his will no longer worked. He felt powerless to defy the orders that the spirit was giving him.

One night, while he slept, Nelkhael’s ghost was visited by someone from the realm of living dreams. She was addressed by a creature of light, who spoke to her:

—We are Children of Light and that must be clear. If you strive towards the light and concentrate on it, no being of the shadows will be able to enslave you because you will have become a living light.

The young Nelkhael was enraptured by the softly spoken words.

As soon as he awoke, he lit a powerful candle to chase away the darkness. Immediately, he began to meditate and searched for the light in his head, which he finally discovered. He felt luminous and wanted to worship the light with all his heart.

He watched as he used his hands to carry the light and transform other people into the light. Nelkhael became unchained after that day. He no longer experienced that mocking attitude of a prisoner.

Nelkhael experienced fear for the first time in his life as he realized that he had tried to harm others and that his punishment for doing so was to contract that terrible disease. He had sown evil and it had grown.

Young Nelkhael pleaded with God, “Give me another chance, let me correct my mistakes, let me change.” But now that he was back home and no longer at the door of the afterlife, the evil that had befallen him had vanished.


Is Nelkhael one of your Kabbalah guardian angels?

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