Sun in libra

Sun in libra,

The second half of the astrological year and the approaching autumnal equinox are marked by the Sun’s entry into Libra on Thursday, September 22. This marks the beginning of a particularly exceptional cycle that is charged with powerful and intense spiritual energy.

Sun in Libra, in search of balance, Sun and Mercury cross

Although autumn appears in the north of the world and spring appears in the south from the climatic point of view, the autumn effect permeates the entire planet from the energetic, astrological and psychological point of view.

This cycle is opportune to establish that balance, that center, between the requirements of our individuality and those of the collective. It is a spiritual influence whose meaning has to do with learning to balance the energy of ourselves, our ego, with those of the rest of humanity.

From a more spiritual perspective, this balance has to do with our daily lives, our egoic desires and the lessons we must learn to connect with the greater, universal whole.

To live with the understanding that there is common energy for all of humanity that is uniquely reflected in each of us, we must specifically diminish our ego to make room for a reality that is beyond our senses.

It is time to learn to center ourselves and maintain stable balance because doing so will bring us peace, harmony, mental clarity and relationships filled with love and justice.

Libra Energy

The Libra energies serve to remind us that finding balance is not easy, that the center of the balance is the area of greatest power and that if we strengthen that center, we will achieve balance.

To tune in to everything around us from an egalitarian, harmonious and integrated perspective, the Sun in Libra loses its fundamental attributes and is placed in an astrological position known as “fall”, which denotes that the ego, the core of ourselves, is weak at this time.

The sign of Libra is ideal for fostering relationships with others, balancing the scales and ensuring that our desires do not come at the expense of others.

It is a time to remember that our rights end where those of our fellow man does and it is wise to consider the fact that the things we need in life depend on other people and that on our own we are unable to survive in this world.

Month of Libra

The month of Libra is a period of initiation, a cycle during which those following a spiritual path perform rituals to advance in levels of mastery.

It is also a time when the “Anahata” chakra, the energy point linked to the heart, our emotions and our immune system, is activated. This is significant because our emotional well-being is largely dependent on our physical well-being.

We will understand that the more we have, the more we will receive and the more we are able and willing to contribute, the more we will be aware of all that we have and can access thanks to other people.

To put it another way, the influence that exists today is favorable for us to realize our purpose in life about others: what we can contribute, how we can help, what we know how to do that is useful to others and it is time to give instead of waiting to see what we get.

And when we say “giving,” we don’t just mean alms or gifts; we also mean that each of us has something to offer, something we are good at that can benefit others.

If we are aware of this and do our work with love, we will be able to maintain harmony in our human relationships, as well as harmony within ourselves.

Mercury Retrograde Motion

The retrograde movement of Mercury has decentered the energies of Libra, but it will leave this sign close to the moment when the Sun, with its vital energy, activates the best Libran qualities, favoring that we can concentrate and achieve balance.

Mercury enters Libra almost simultaneously with the Sun’s entry into Virgo and their signs “cross”.

On the 25th there will be a new moon and both the Sun and the Moon will be in the sign of Libra, favoring mental clarity and strength. This will allow us to visualize and concentrate intensely on something that expresses a strong desire and is consistent with the harmony, peace and love of the sign of the scales.

Six planets are in retrograde motion, which encourages us to reinforce our inner strength and introspection, focusing on the core that maintains balance so that our desires are fulfilled with justice and without causing harm to others.

With information from Venezuelan astrologer Pedro Gonzalez Silva

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