The Transformative Power of Taurus Season

The Transformative Power of Taurus Season,

As the Sun entered Aries last month, marking the start of the astrological year, we now approach April 19 or 20, when the Sun will leave Aries to enter Taurus, where it will remain until May 20 or 21. At this juncture, the energy begins to slow down and we start to feel our feet firmly on the ground after the fiery and fast pace that the Aries season offered us.

Strategies for Personal Growth and Financial Planning in Taurus Season

The Taurus season is our time of the year to slow down, solidify our schedules and reflect on what we truly want to dedicate our time to.

While the Aries season inspires our impulses and passions, the Taurus season urges us to examine our long-term goals and focus on what we truly want to dedicate our time to. This slower-paced energy that the Taurus season brings is likely to be welcomed, especially if we are feeling a bit worn out or drained from all our tasks and activities.

Pleasure and Self-Worth Under the Influence of Venus

Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus, is associated with pleasure. Therefore, under the Taurus sun, each of us gets the opportunity to stop and smell the roses and make time for pleasure in our lives.

Instead of moving hastily and using this strong drive to accomplish tasks, we can now sit back, relax and think of ways to conserve our resources and energy. Moreover, with the focus on pleasure, we might notice themes related to money, feelings of self-worth and how we interact in our relationships.

Taurus and Venus together make us consider what makes us feel secure and worthy of giving and receiving love.

The End of Taurus Season and the Influence of the Pleiades Star System

As the Taurus season concludes, we will begin to feel the energy of the Pleiades star system as the Sun aligns with its main star, Alcyone. I like to think of Alcyone as the female version of Sirius.

If Sirius is our Spiritual Sun, then Alcyone can be considered our Shadowy Sun. The sun that illuminates all that deeper and darker material through which we must pass to reach new levels of spiritual consciousness. As we conclude the Taurus season and head towards the Gemini season, the energy of Alcyone will be strong and we will be able to access the shadows necessary for our own spiritual transformation.

These shadows are our fears and repressed emotions, as well as feelings of shame we might harbor towards ourselves and our lives. Exposing and bringing these to light is always possible, but under the influence of the Pleiades, we might feel divinely supported and guided to do this work.

Leveraging the Energy of Taurus Season

Taurus season offers a unique opportunity to refocus our energy and priorities. Here are some effective ways to use this astrological influence for our personal and professional benefit:

  • Making time for pleasure and delight: dedicate moments to enjoy life’s small joys, such as a delicious meal or a leisurely afternoon.
  • Creating a solid foundation for your future goals: reflect on where you would like to be and start building the foundations to get there.
  • Consolidating and nurturing your dreams and goals: review your aspirations and establish concrete plans to achieve them.
  • Focusing on what is truly important to you: identify what you value most and ensure your actions reflect these priorities.
  • Organizing your finances: take this time to review and plan your economy, making sure your expenses and savings are well balanced.
  • Working on self-esteem and self-worth: foster a positive image of yourself through affirmations and reminders of your achievements and qualities.
  • Slowing down: reduce the pace of your daily life to improve your mental and physical well-being.
  • Reevaluating your values: consider which principles are most significant to you and adjust your life to reflect these values.
  • Recognizing your shadow side: accept and understand the parts of yourself that you normally prefer not to face, which is essential for authentic personal growth.

Journal Questions During Taurus Season

To delve even deeper into your personal development during this season, consider reflecting on the following questions in your journal:

  1. What gives me a sense of security and comfort?
    Identify the elements or situations that provide you with peace and stability.
  2. What are three things I can do to feel more organized?
    Establish practical steps to improve organization in your daily life.
  3. What are four steps I can take to nurture my dreams and goals?
    Design an action plan detailing how you can support and foster your ambitions.
  4. I value…
    Reflect on the values that guide your decisions and behaviors.
  5. I am worthy of receiving…
    Affirmations to strengthen your entitlement to love, success, peace and more.

This focus during the Taurus Season will not only allow you to make the most of the seasonal energies but foster significant and sustainable growth in your personal and professional life.

With information from Tanaaz, creator of Forever Conscious