Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Mercury Retrograde in Libra,

September 9 begins the third Mercury retrograde of the year, which will last until October 2. On September 23, Mercury will begin its retrograde motion in the air sign of Libra and will re-enter the earth sign of Virgo.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra September 2022

During Mercury retrograde passing through Libra, issues may arise related to our relationships and how we connect with others.

As Mercury retrograde passes through Virgo, issues may arise related to work-life balance and health, especially our health-related behaviors.

Mercury Retrograde: A natural cosmological rhythm

Mercury is considered the messenger of the gods. When Mercury is retrograde, according to ancient astrologers, it enters the underworld, empowering our intuition and our subconscious mind while bringing hidden, lost, or forgotten information to the surface.

Mercury retrograde is a period of internal energy shift that allows us to look inward and tune out external voices in favor of our inner voices. It also motivates us to pause and consider the past before moving forward.

Mercury is considered the planet of ideas, verbal exchange, technology and travel, so its retrograde phase can occasionally cause delays, hesitations, mistakes and misunderstandings.

These kinds of things can happen at any time, but when they do during Mercury’s retrograde phase, it’s always considered a sign from the universe to take note of. What messages might Mercury be trying to send you?

How to deal with Mercury retrograde energy

The Mercury retrograde period can cause many people to feel lethargic, easily confused, or mentally clouded, leading to difficulties.

Since Mercury is in charge of our mind and how we think, it can sometimes be difficult to know which way to go or how to approach a situation when the energy is transitioning to a more internal state.

But remember that this is how we develop. The dimensions of our mind are altered and awakened in this way.

The best remedy for feeling confused, disorganized, or lethargic during a Mercury retrograde is to go inward and give yourself time and space to think about the past.

More clarity usually emerges when Mercury completes its retrograde phase or aligns with the Sun, which occurs once during each retrograde cycle.

We are expected to receive clarity, fresh wisdom and even some insights into the messages Mercury has been trying to convey when Mercury retrograde aligns with the Sun, which is considered to be when it is reborn.

On September 22, Mercury will align with the Sun for this specific retrograde. Watch for signs coming your way and pay attention to any signs the Universe delivers as today could be enlightening.

From September to October 2022: Mercury retrograde

In addition, the Pisces Full Moon falls the day before the September Mercury retrograde. Pisce’s energy is comparable to music. It enjoys a good rhythmic and melodic flow.

Although it lacks form, it nevertheless affects us emotionally and has the power to heal us. Music has the power to change our cells and the particles around us.

We can feel the desire for our energies to flow just like this music when it emanates from the Pisces Full Moon. Mercury also scatters our thoughts and pulls us inward, so we may feel a bit lost, unsure, or lacking confidence in how to proceed.

If this strikes you, try to find your flow and surrender to it. It will be much easier to do this than to try to fight it.

From time to time, it is important to go with the flow, let things show themselves and adopt a more passive attitude. Although we may not be able to constantly work this way, the combination of Mercury retrograde and the Pisces Full Moon a day later gives us the blessing of the Universe.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo and Libra

From September 9-22, when Mercury is in Libra, it can emphasize our interpersonal ties. We may see a resurgence of old relationships in our lives or we may decide it is best to leave some relationships altogether.

A particular relationship in our life may also make us feel insecure or conflicted.

Beginning September 23, when Mercury enters Virgo, we may need to discuss the motivations behind our daily routines, especially those that have to do with our health and well-being. Is our motivation rooted in the alignment or elsewhere?

Although Mercury’s retrograde period ends on October 2, it will not regain its previous strength and intensity until October 16.

Even though the next Mercury retrograde cycle does not begin until December 29, we will begin to experience its effects beginning December 12.

Dreams with Mercury Retrograde

You may want to pay attention to your dreams at this time because Mercury retrograde sharpens our intuition and our subconscious. This energy will combine with the Pisces New Moon in September, further amplifying its effects.

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