Retrograde planets in September

Retrograde planets in September,

In September 2022, 6 planets will be retrograde, which will account for more than half of the stars in the solar system, plus Mercury considered the most chaotic in astrology.

Retrograde planets in September 2022

The rest of the celestial bodies that complete the list are Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto, which went retrograde before the beginning of the month.

The term retrograde is used in astrology to describe the slow or backward motion of a planet in its orbit. This is an optical effect due to our position on Earth and its effect is due to the retrograding star.

The outer planets, which are farther away from the Sun and Earth, have less influence than the inner planets, which are closer. The September retrogrades are the outer planets, except Mercury, whose influence will be more pronounced.

When does Mercury begin to turn retrograde and what effect will it have?

Mercury retrograde begins on September 9 in Libra, then on September 23 it returns to Virgo, the previous sign and ends on October 2, when it returns to Libra.

This planet is the astrological ruler of information, communication and logic. When it is in retrograde motion, these issues become difficult depending on the zodiac sign where it is.

It will be Libra at the beginning, so its influence will make us struggle to find balance in our social relationships and life in general. We will have to pay the price of being more diplomatic and understanding each side of the story.

When it returns to Virgo, it will cut through our logic and efficiency. Astrologers suggest that we will encounter obstacles to being more productive, so we should use this period to evaluate and analyze things in detail.

Effect of the other retrograde planets


It began retrograde on August 2. It is the planet of rebellion and when it is retrograde in Taurus it calls us to change our perspective of what is going on, we consider more security and stability,


Jupiter begins its retrograde on July 28 in Aries. The gas giant rules expansion, so during this process, it causes us to grow internally and reflect our path.


The ruling planet of dreams and illusions opened its retrograde motion on June 28. When it diminishes, it gives us clarity about our proposed goals.


The planet of the rings began its retrograde on June 4 in Aquarius. It is the planet of karma and discipline, so it brings us to be more analytical with our priorities and makes us less rigid with other matters.


It began its inverse movement on April 28 in Capricorn. It is the planet of change and when it is retrograde it reveals our secrets and helps us to accept and have better control over the sudden changes in our life.

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